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Archives The health preservation method of the ancestors was used to cook this dish. They ate it in the dog days to dispel cold and dampness. In dog days,pour into pot,chicken,dispel cold and dampness,keep healthy October 10, 2019

This article is originally shared by Luoma. Welcome to pay attention and leave a message. Luoma teaches you to create healthy, creative and delicious food. What Luoma wants to share in this issue is: the old ancestor's health secrets, used to cook this dish, and ate cold-driving and dampness-dispelling in the dog days!

The so-called "eat turnips in winter and ginger in summer" is the secret of health preservation handed down by our ancestors. In summer, the advantage of eating ginger is to dispel dampness and cold. As we all know, as long as our body touches or eats cold, cold, ice and cold things, in fact, there will be more or less cold and humidity invasion. If the body has cold for a long time, it will change slowly over time. Cold constitution, then there is no guarantee for our health, so health pioneer cold and dampness, this is the unchangeable principle. So summer is a good time to dispel cold and dampness, especially in the dog days. After entering the dog days, it is also the hottest time of the year. If you can eat more ginger, then it is undoubtedly the best way to dispel cold and dampness. So Luoma intends to use the method left by her ancestors to cook and teach you how to dispel cold and dampness in the dog days.

So when it comes to dispelling cold and dampness, there is such a dish. I think it's most suitable for eating in the dog days. It's ginger chicken stewed in sesame oil. This dish is often used for women to sit in the moon, so it can play a good role in dispelling cold and dampness. Of course, Luoma improved this dish slightly. Today, we share it with you, not only dispelling dampness and dispelling cold, but also having a very good meal, especially for women. In the coming dog days, don't worry about how to keep fit. In ordinary meals, just adding ginger is a good way to keep fit.

Making ingredients:Half chicken, 2 pieces of ginger, 1 root of scallion, proper amount of sauce, vinegar, salt and starch

Auxiliary tools:Boiler, bowl

Method of production:It consists of the following steps 1-6

1. When boiling beard, first soak the chicken for 3 hours. When the chicken is soaked in water, the blood and water in the chicken will be removed. The cooked chicken will have less fishy smell and fresh meat. Then by the way, cut the ginger, cut it into pieces, cut it into slices, and cut the scallions into small pieces.

2. Drain the soaked chicken and pour it into the pot. Then add hot water and start boiling. Cook until about 6-7 minutes, then pick up the chicken. Then remove the oil and turbidity from the soup and leave it for later use.

3. Pour sesame oil, ginger slices and scallions into the pan, then stir-fry until fragrant, then pour chicken into the pan and stir-fry together.

4. After the chicken is stir-fried, pour the chicken soup just clarified into the pot. As long as the soup is flat with the chicken, don't pour too much. Then pour in salt, sauce and vinegar.

5. Turn to a low heat and start boiling. When the juice is almost collected, pour the ginger powder in, then use starch + water to make water starch, and pour it into the pot. Remember to stir it up, otherwise it will burn off.

6. Then try it. At about the same time, you can cut two kinds of chili peppers to adjust the color, which will be more beautiful. But if you don't like spicy food, you don't need to put them in, just start the pot after cooking.

This ginger chicken stewed in sesame oil tastes really delicious, especially the sauce in it, which is used to drip on rice, and it's very good for dinner. Just two days my brother's little daughter came to my home for vacation and grabbed food with my children. On this plate, we all did not eat a few pieces, but the child's stomach was one by one, and soon CD-ROM, but when we saw that the child's appetite was good, that's also true. Yes, it's good. Parents also have a sense of accomplishment. For the coming dog days, if you can cook a little more ginger, then it is the best health preservation!

Well, this issue of Luoma's sharing is here. Welcome to pay attention to, leave a message, Luoma teaches you healthy, delicious, creative food creation!

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