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Avoid Nurturing Your Health in the Evening - 10 Taboos to Avoid Nutrition,muscle contraction,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular,beverages,B vitamins October 10, 2019

1B: Yes, it is. Avoid ventilation without windows

It is easy to cause heatstroke in humid, hot and poorly ventilated rooms, and air quality will deteriorate if air conditioning is used without windows for ventilation, instead, it will cause disease.

[Recommendation] Open windows and ventilate more than twice a day for 15-30 minutes each time.

2. Avoid eating only fruits and vegetables

Many people choose to eat fruits and vegetables because of sweating, consuming, fatigue and lack of appetite in dog days. But if you eat poorly, lack of nutrition, low immunity, may lead to disease.


(1) Fruits and vegetables can not be less: eat more potassium-rich vegetables and fruits, such as bananas, tomatoes, pumpkins, beans, potatoes and celery.

(2) Drink some soup to appetize: vegetable soup, broth, fish soup, egg soup, etc., a small amount of drinking before meals can also increase appetite.

(3) Protein should be: eat some lean meat, fish, soy milk, eggs and so on.

(4) Cereals are indispensable: sweating will lose B vitamins, and cereals are a good source of B vitamins.

3. Avoid cold air blowing in the opposite direction

The cervical vertebra is blown against the air conditioner, which can easily make the back of the neck cold, resulting in persistent neck spasm, back pain and so on.

[Recommendation] Indoor air conditioning temperature should not be lower than 26.C. Don't put your shoulders and back directly against the air conditioner. You can put a shawl on it.

4. Avoid drinking too much water.

Drink water quickly, water will quickly dilute the blood, increase blood volume, increase the burden on the heart. It is especially dangerous for patients with coronary heart disease.

[Suggestion] Don't drink more than 200 milliliters of water at a time. Warm boiling water is the best choice. Don't wait for thirst to drink again, but a small amount of water should be replenished many times.

5. Avoid cold drinks.

Eating cold drinks properly can relieve the heat, and eating a lot will hurt the body. Long-term excessive cold food into the stomach, will make the gastric submucosal blood vessel contraction, mucosal layer thinning, mucosal edema and erosion. In addition, the sudden consumption of ice drinks is also prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

6. Avoid flushing cold water directly

Old people can not bathe in cold water in hot summer. When stimulated by cold water, the human body will produce a series of stimulating reactions, such as accelerated heartbeat, elevated blood pressure and muscle contraction, which have adverse effects on heart and blood pressure.

7. Avoid sweating all day

Sweating not only removes toxins from the body, but also regulates body temperature.

[Suggestion] It's good for your health to go out in the evening and sweat slightly.

8. Avoid drinking instead of water

In summer, the human body's sweat and water evaporation are greatly increased. If only drink beverages, do not drink water, urine metabolites can not be well diluted, crystal deposition, easy to form stones. And long-term intake of sugary drinks is prone to obesity.

[Recommendation] Drink more than 1200 ml of water every day and drink moderately.

9. Do not rest at noon

In the three-volt season, you should go to bed late and get up early, but not stay up late, preferably before 24 o'clock. Because of the hot weather, sleep will be affected to a certain extent, it is recommended to take a nap if conditions permit.

[Suggestion] Take a nap for 15-30 minutes. After a nap, you can exercise slightly and drink a glass of water to dilute blood viscosity.

10. Avoid emotional excitement

Emotional excitement can easily hurt the body. For example, when angry, blood pressure will rise and face will flush. The pressure on blood vessels and the heart is more than three times higher than normal.

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