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Avoid After Xiao Man, keep fit, dispel dampness, remove dryness and refresh all summer Rheumatism,Bone Pain,Capillary,Watermelon,Coix Seed,Taboo October 10, 2019

Principle 1: Removing heat and dampness

Small full time, although the weather is mainly hot, but heat with heat, heat with humidity, so the main theme of health should be on clearing heat and dampness, dispelling heat and removing dampness.

Diet should be less hot and dry food, such as mutton, pepper, durian, some fried, fried, baked food, should also eat less.

Eat more things to clear away heat and dampness, such as watermelon, mung bean, cucumber, asparagus, etc. It can also eat some bitter food, such as balsam pear, lettuce, naked oats and so on, which can clear away heat and fire, and increase appetite.

It should be noted that bitter food should be "sweet and bitter", too "bitter and cold", easy to cause diarrhea, not to eat more.

Principle 2: Supplementing Qi and Benefiting Yin

In hot weather, the human body consumes a lot of water, and many trace elements of the body will be eliminated with sweat. At this time, we need to replenish the lost substances in time.

Drinking more water is a good way, but it is not enough to make up for the body's needs by drinking more water. You might as well eat more fruits and vegetables in season.

As the saying goes: Xiao Man sees three things. The three fresh foods here refer to cucumbers, garlic bolts and cherries. Seasonal, they are rich in vitamins and minerals, not only to supply water, but also to supplement trace elements, may as well eat more.

Principle 3: Clearing the Heart and Reducing Fire

After summer, the sunshine time is long and the temperature is high. At this time, the exogenous pathogens are mainly "fire" and "summer". The evil of fire and heat, the most easily pathogenic, makes people appear fatigue, lack of qi, poor acceptance, feces and other symptoms of Qi deficiency.

You can try the Winter Melon and Braised Seed Soup.

Ingredients: 1 kg wax gourd, 1/2 kg lean meat, 12 g coix seed and 10 g pure gourd.

Practice: peel wax gourd, wash lean meat, add medicinal herbs, put 4 to 5 bowls of water, cook for 3 hours. Drinking once a week is effective.

Efficacy: The soup is suitable for those who are dry and hot, damp, rheumatic bone pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, and unfavorable urination.

Principle 4: tonifying the spleen and stomach

Because of the influence of summer and wet climate, it is easy to lead to insufficient spleen and stomach qi and disorder of gastrointestinal function. Therefore, in the season of nourishing the heart, don't forget to invigorate the spleen and stomach.

Usually you can drink more soup, soup, juice and other soup, light and can promote appetite. At the same time, each meal should not be too large, should be a small number of meals for the principle.

Taboo 1: Greed and Coolness

Xiao Man is in late May, the temperature has increased significantly, and the fan air conditioning is also on. But over time, some people have dizziness, chest tightness, or stiffness of shoulder and neck.

Especially when we get home from outside and turn on the air conditioner immediately, if we don't pay attention to it, the cold will come.

Recommendations:It's better to turn on the air conditioner 10 minutes after returning from outdoor to indoor. The temperature of the air conditioner should be set at about 26 degrees Celsius. Don't pursue the "freezing" mode.

Taboo 2: Greed and Cold

Drinks are indispensable in summer, and the more ice the better, as if this is the way to bring down the heat.

However, drinking drinks with too low temperature will make skin capillaries shrink, sweat pore close and sweat secretion decrease, which makes it difficult for the body to discharge heat smoothly, making people feel more stuffy. Moreover, long-term drinking may also cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, dyspepsia, loss of appetite, acute gastroenteritis and so on.

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