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Avoid Health Taboo: No matter how good the milk is, without paying attention to these three points, it is in vain. Lactase,milk,digestive tract diseases,intestinal bleeding,lead poisoning October 10, 2019

Milk, for most of us, is a very healthy thing. Whether in the morning or in the evening, we like to drink a glass of milk to strengthen our body. But is milk really good for everyone? In fact, otherwise, in life, some people should not drink milk! What part of the population should not drink milk?


Those who should not drink milk:

1. Lactose intolerance

People who are lactose intolerant should not drink milk. What is lactose intolerance? In fact, the body is seriously lack of lactase, so after drinking milk, lactose in milk can not be absorbed by the body's small intestine, but directly into our large intestine, has a certain stimulating effect on the large intestine, will lead to lactose intolerance after drinking milk diarrhea or exhaust symptoms.

2. Allergy

People who are allergic to milk should not drink milk. People with allergies may develop diarrhea or abdominal pain after drinking milk. For people with severe allergies to milk, serious conditions such as intestinal bleeding may also occur.

3. Patients with digestive tract diseases

For some patients with digestive tract diseases, it is not appropriate to drink milk. Because we all know that milk helps us digest, more than ordinary food, it can promote the secretion of acid in our stomach. If at this time, patients with digestive tract diseases still drink milk, it will aggravate or induce digestive tract diseases. Therefore, patients with digestive tract is also best not to drink milk.


4. People Frequently Exposed to Lead

For those who are often exposed to lead, it is also best not to drink milk, because for such people, after drinking milk, lactose in milk will lead to lead in the body to absorb savings, over time, lead poisoning may occur.

After we have learned which people should not drink milk, what else should we pay attention to when it comes to drinking milk?

1. Don't drink milk on an empty stomach

Many people like to drink a glass of milk right after they get up. In fact, this is not right. After getting up, it belongs to fasting, and milk can not be drunk on an empty stomach, which not only causes the loss of nutrients in milk, but also the stomach and intestine can not absorb nutrients in milk very well at this time, which may lead to diarrhea.

2. Boil milk without mild heat

When it's cold, many people like to heat up their milk and drink it. It is incorrect to heat milk with open fire, because it takes more time to heat milk with open fire. In the process of heating, the nutrients of milk will be gradually lost.


3. Milk cannot be used for medication

Some people like to take medicine with milk when taking medicine. In fact, this is not right. Milk medication can affect the absorption of drugs in the human body. And milk and drugs will also react together, leading to the drug effect can not be released very well.

Milk has a very high nutritional value, as we all know. Milk contains all kinds of protein and vitamins that our body needs, but milk does not mean that it is good for everyone. Before drinking milk, we also need to pay attention to their physical fitness is not suitable for drinking milk. For people who often drink milk, we also need to pay attention to what matters need attention to drink milk on weekdays! Don't drink milk blindly!

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