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Men Men still drink less alcohol and are prone to sperm deformity Easy,sperm,deformity,alcohol,or,drink,man October 10, 2019

Drinking is a common thing for men. Whether in social interaction or relaxation, many men like to have a drink. But regular drinking not only hurts the body, but also leads to infertility in men.

Why does drinking affect fertility?

When men drink a lot of alcohol, a lot of alcohol is absorbed into the blood circulation in a short time, which is harmful to all systems and tissues of the whole body. Because human germ cells are particularly sensitive to the stimulation of some chemical substances (e.g. alcohol, gossypol, etc.) and physical factors (e.g. overheating, strong current, ultrasound, etc.), their growth and development are often abnormal when alcohol-poisoned germ cells combine to form fertilized eggs.

Studies have found that testicular atrophy occurs in patients with chronic alcoholism, leading to a decline in semen quality. Moreover, it takes at least three months for a man's sperm to recover from a single drunken sperm injury before he drinks. For men with family planning, it is at least three months after being drunk that they can conceive their wives to ensure the health of the fetus. In addition, drinking can lead to an increase in sperm aberration and a significant reduction in the chances of a wife becoming pregnant. It can be seen that drinking too much is very harmful to male friends.

How long does a man need to quit drinking before pregnancy

It usually takes three months for spermatozoa to mature from spermatogonia to form spermatozoa. That is to say, your husband's sperm discharged now began to develop at least three months ago. If you drink more alcohol in these three months, it may affect the quality of sperm.

What problems can also affect fertility

1. Long-term sedentary

What behaviors can affect a man's fertility? Sitting for a long time is also harmful. Long-term sedentary can lead to poor blood circulation in the lower half of the body, which can induce various urinary tract inflammation, which can produce corresponding stimuli and reduce the ejaculation threshold. Sitting and not exercising for a long time will naturally lead to obesity, which mainly occurs in the abdomen and trunk. Studies have shown that this obesity can lead to a decline in sexual function.

Sitting posture is mainly supported by waist strength, so sedentary people are prone to lumbar spondylosis. The waist is the main part in the process of male sexual life. The strength of sexual life mainly depends on the strength of the waist and back. The strength of the waist and back is the main muscle group in the process of male sexual life. The damage of the function of the waist and back will cause a significant decline in sexual function.

2. Overage

Men's sperm does not decrease or age with the increase of age, and the density is higher, but the motility will decrease significantly. The number of motionless and deformed sperm will increase by 20%, the speed of sperm metabolism will also decline, and a lot of waste will be produced after metabolism. Chromosome diseases originating from men also increase and have a high hereditary rate, which can be imagined to have adverse effects on offspring.

3. Triangular underwear

The biggest victim of triangular underwear is the testicles. Tight underwear fixes the scrotum close to the abdomen, which greatly weakens the function of regulating testicular temperature, resulting in increased temperature of testicular environment and hindering testicular spermatogenesis. With blocked blood supply, sperm in the testicles will also be devastated, endangering fertility and depriving you of your right to be a father.

4. Male overweight

Temperature may have a negative impact on spermatogenesis. The normal body temperature is about 37 C, and the optimum temperature for spermatogenesis is 2 C lower than the normal temperature. Obese men have more fat, so their body temperature is higher than that of normal people. The high temperature of scrotum will directly affect the spermatogenic ability of testis, resulting in the reduction of spermatogenesis. Even if the number of spermatozoa produced is not affected, the quality of the spermatozoa produced will also be affected. Obesity can cause diabetes or recessive diabetes, which can also damage sperm and thus affect male fertility.

How to Protect Men's Fertility

1. Quitting smoking is one of the ways to protect men's fertility. Because foreign data show that smoking can increase DNA damage and aneuploidy sperm, which may lead to testicular atrophy and abnormal semen volume, concentration, vitality and morphology, some foreign reproductive centers even require patients to quit smoking at least three months before entering the IVF cycle in order to maintain their high success rate.

2. Far from radiation, the radiation is inversely proportional to the cube of distance, the distance increases by one time, and the radiation attenuation is 1/8.

3. Keep away from harmful chemicals.

4. Don't wash sauna, don't wear tight underwear for a long time, sauna or wear tight underwear for a long time will raise local temperature and inhibit spermatogenesis.

5. Can eat more fish, traditional Chinese medicine that fishermen have more sons, may have spermatogenic effect bladder, the current clinical treatment of male infertility has a Chinese patent medicine called bladder.Kidney tonifyingThe main ingredient of the pill is the swim bladder.

6. Weight loss, human adipose tissue contains aromatase, aromatase makes testosterone into estradiol, serum testosterone level decreases, while estradiol increases, which have adverse effects on normal spermatogenesis process.

7. Exercise, the latest research shows that exercise can help improve testosterone levels and sperm quality.

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