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Men Men with asthenospermia should not be afraid to teach you a few ways to improve sperm quality! Sperm,quality,improvement,a few tricks,weak sperm,terrible,teach you,man October 10, 2019

The busy work and fast-paced life make the sperm quality of many men decline. There are more and more male friends with oligozoospermia, asthenospermia and sperm liquefaction, which may even affect fertility seriously. So what foods can male friends with asthenospermia eat in their daily lives to improve their sperm quality?

How can men with asthenospermia improve sperm quality?

I. Multivitamin Supplementation

Vitamins provide sperm with raw materials and promote sperm production. Vitamin E can also prevent the aging of sexual organs, promote the regeneration of empty vas deferens, and enhance sperm vitality.

Usually eat more green vegetables, fresh fruits and melons, less junk food, more vitamin supplements, male reproduction is very helpful.

II. Supplementary Trace Elements

Men's genitals contain a lot of zinc, that is to say, if zinc is inadequately ingested for a long time, sperm quality will decline, or even more serious, testicular atrophy.

You can choose some shellfish food, such as oysters, zinc content is the most abundant, you can eat more. Or with some zinc-calcium supplement tablets, powder and so on, containing protein, zinc and selenium, is conducive to absorption, male reproductive health is also very conducive.

3. Other Strong Food

Ginseng is a good tonic, it can increase sperm production and motility frequency; leek can warm the kidney and promote yang, if soaked in wine, the effect is better; onion, garlic, onion has a strong effect; salmon can increase hormones in the body, rich in high protein.

In addition to these asthenospermia diets, some foods also enhance sexual desire, enhance male sexual function and assist in the diagnosis of asthenospermia, such as chocolate, angelica, basil, caviar and nuts.

4. Moderate Exercise

Eating more melon seeds improves sperm quality, because many plants and healthy foods help increase sperm quantity and improve sperm quality.

Frequent consumption of pumpkin leaves, pumpkin seeds, white onions, ginger and other foods, coupled with appropriate physical exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking and not excessive drinking, also help men improve sperm quality.

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