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Men What are the symptoms of male spermatozoa and how to care for them in daily life Need,Daily,How,Nursing,Which,Existing,Dead Sperm,Symptoms,Men October 10, 2019

Sperm is very important for men. It can be said that if we do not have sperm, it will lead to the failure of male descendants. Strictly speaking, when sperm dies, we can directly declare male infertility, which is also called spermatozoa. So do you know what the symptoms of septicemia are? How do you need to take care of it everyday?

Symptomatic manifestations of septicemia

1. When men have premature ejaculation and spermatorrhea, they may even suffer from low sexual desire, which is also a typical symptom of spermatozoa.

2. When we do the sperm examination, we find that the death rate of sperm is more than 40%, which is also called spermatozoa. In addition, when the number of abnormal sperm reaches about 20%, it is also called abnormal sperm hypertrophy. And this is all about establishing sperm tests.

3. Some patients with semen death have no obvious symptoms at ordinary times, but some patients with seminal vesiculitis or orchitis will have pus cells when they do semen examination.

How to Nursing Dead Sperm in Daily Life

1. Vaccination on timeGood personal hygiene habits to prevent various infectious diseases that endanger male fertility, such as mumps and sexually transmitted diseases.

2. To master certain sexual knowledgeTo understand the physiological characteristics and health knowledge of men, if we find that testicles are different from normal changes, such as swelling, hardening, uneven, pain, etc., we must timely diagnosis and treatment.

3. If you are frequently exposed to radioactive substances, high temperatures and poisons, you must work in strict accordance with the operation regulations and protection regulations.Never neglect. If you want to have children in the near future, you'd better be able to give birth after six months without such work.

4. Changing Bad HabitsStop smoking and drinking; don't eat too greasy food, otherwise it will affect your sexual desire; also pay attention to avoid contact with toxic substances in life, such as: clothes taken from the dry cleaner should be put on for a few days, because dry cleaner will affect the sexual function of men.

Reminder:There are chronic prostatitis, orchitis, seminal vesicle inflammation, or premature ejaculation or low sexual desire and other symptoms. It is suggested that we go to the regular hospital to check and confirm the causes of semen death, and then carry out targeted treatment.

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