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Men Does the male suffer from orchitis? What are the characteristics of orchitis? Orchitis,what,characteristics,infections,some diseases,men October 10, 2019

Does the male suffer from orchitis? Orchitis is a common male disease in life. As we all know, testicles play a very important role in men, so if testicles have related problems, it will bring great harm to male friends. The main cause of orchitis is the direct spread of epididymitis. Most patients do not know the characteristics of orchitis, let's take a look at the following related content!

Is orchitis infectious?

Doctors point out that in general, testitis is less likely to be transmitted.This nonspecific orchitis is not contagious, even in the past, the inflammation of the testis caused by schistosomiasis is not contagious. Only married men and friends should pay attention to the fact that there is no husband and wife life before orchitis is cured, so as not to transmit the inflammatory bacteria to their spouses, so as to induce this gynecological disease.

However, testicular disease therapists also pointed out that due to the different types of orchitis, the pain nature of male friends is different from swelling pain, falling pain and knife-like pain; the degree of pain is also different from dull pain and severe pain, in addition to the pain caused by the lesions in the testicular region itself, epididymis and spermatic cord lesions and inflammation in the scrotum often cause testicular pain, so it appears. The orchitis must be treated as soon as possible.

What are the characteristics of orchitis?

The main manifestations of orchitis are fever, chills and nausea and vomiting in the acute stage.Acute parotitis orchitis usually occurs 3-4 days after the occurrence of parotitis. High fever can be up to 40 degrees Celsius often accompanied by collapse, scrotal swelling, testicular swelling, hydrocele, obvious tenderness, such as parotitis can also be found parotid swelling.

It is generally believed that early intravenous administration of a large number of broad-spectrum effective antibiotics should be used to control inflammation in order to reduce the occurrence of suppurative orchitis and testicular abscess, especially acute mumps orchitis. Bilateral lesions of acute mumps orchitis can cause irreversible destruction of spermatogenic activity and even testicular atrophy, leading to male infertility.

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