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Men What are the symptoms of men's non-ejaculation and how to care for them in daily life Daily,Which,Need,How,Nursing,Existing,Ejaculation,Symptoms,Men October 10, 2019

In recent years, the incidence of diseases such as non-ejaculation has been increasing gradually. Once such diseases occur, they do not recover well, and the disease will affect the mental health of patients and make them bear great pressure. What are the symptoms of non-ejaculation? How do we need daily care? Let's take a detailed look at them.

Symptoms of non-ejaculation

I. Functional aspects

1. No ejaculation activity, after a long period of sexual life, or even after some form of orgasm exhaustion, there is still no ejaculation.

2. Retrograde ejaculation is normal in time, and there is no abnormality in the process of sexual life, but there is no ejaculation after orgasm, but there is sperm in the urine after sexual life. 3. No sperm ejaculation, no sperm ejaculation when male friends reach orgasm.

2. Organic Aspects

1. Be able to have sex for a long time without feeling tired, not to achieve orgasm or ejaculation in the process of sexual life, no ejaculation action, no ejaculation out of the body at night, or even if there is a feeling of desire for orgasm, no ejaculation out of the body at night. But usually there is spermatorrhea, or spermatorrhea during sexual life.

2. There is no ejaculation after sharing a room, no ejaculation under any circumstances, and there will be symptoms and signs corresponding to the original disease, such as: prostatitis, seminal vesicle tuberculosis or seminal duct obstruction caused by tumors.

Daily nursing of non-ejaculation

Knowing more about healthy sex in peacetime is helpful to eliminate sexual tension and shyness.Establish correct sexual concepts and consult a doctor if necessary. Control sexual affairs to nourish kidney essence.

Normal sexual life can make the relationship between husband and wife happy and enhance emotional integration, but frequent sexual life or long-term masturbation can make the ejaculation center overstimulated and fatigue exhaustion, resulting in ejaculation difficulties. Attention should be paid to strengthening physical exercise and increasing physical fitness. Avoid taking drugs that damage sexual function, which can lead to non-ejaculation, such as ethidine, perphenazine, phenothiophene, etc.

Non-ejaculation patients often suffer from heavy mental burden and frustration of self-confidence.Doctors and family members should give patient guidance and comfort to patients, and wives should encourage patients to build up confidence.To improve the quality of sexual life by caring and affecting him.

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