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Women Why do underpants turn yellow and hard? It can't be ignored. Things,can't,despise,harden,why,yellowing,underwear October 10, 2019

Underwear is very familiar to all of us. As close-fitting clothes, no matter how many styles we change all the year round, underwear will always accompany us around. There are many kinds of underwear materials, such as pure cotton, chemical fibers, acrylic fibers, polyester fibers, etc. Many clean-loving women like to dress in different styles, change every day, wash every day. But even so, the soft and breathable underwear will soon turn yellow and hard. What's the reason? Can such underwear continue to wear? Xiaobian is going to unravel the mystery for you today!

Underwear Hardening-Washing More

The reason why the new underwear is soft is that the crotch of the underwear is mostly made of cotton or cotton blends. The gap between the cotton fibers is large, so that the fine fibers can be opened, so the feeling is fluffy and soft.

After repeated cleaning, these tiny fibers that maintain softness break and fall off, so they become harder and harder.

Frequent exposure to the sun also tends to promote the ageing of cotton fabrics, so beloved pants will slowly "deteriorate" in the process of repeated use.

Yellow Underpants - Secretions

Usually very hygienic underwear is also very diligent, but why the underwear still yellow.


Usually the toilet even if very careful, but underwear will inevitably be stained with light yellow urine.


The leucorrhea secreted by women is mostly composed of proteins, which react chemically with alkaline laundry detergents and sometimes appear yellow.

If the color of the leucorrhea is particularly yellow, then it may be a physical problem, at this time more should consider timely medical examination.

Menstrual blood

Many women have encountered the situation of "blood splashing on the spot", which requires us to wash it in a particularly timely manner before leaving no prints, and in most cases, it will leave either light or strong traces.


Studies have shown that a pair of visceral underwear carries an average of 0.1 grams of feces, which contains millions of viruses and bacteria, including Salmonella, Escherichia coli and so on.

Yellowing underwear to be eliminated

The "shelf life" of underwear is not conclusive at present, but if it has yellowed or hardened, it is better to replace it in time. If the underwear has yellowed and hardened, it proves that it has been repeatedly polluted or cleaned.

Normally, the proteins secreted by the human body breed bacteria, and it is not easy to clean those bacteria and proteins.

Yellow underwear may carry more germs, which can easily cause urinary or reproductive infections.

Underwear washed like this is the most "fresh-keeping"

The cotton fibre property of underwear dooms it to dry and harden when used. We can only delay the hardening speed by some means.

Special detergent

Underwear detergent is not easy to remain, and less irritating. It can protect human body and underwear.

Rub for 3-5 minutes

After soap is soaked in warm water, soak your underwear in, gently rub it, rub it in a small area for 3 to 5 minutes, and finally rinse it with flowing water.

Direct sun for half an hour

Ultraviolet irradiation can disinfect underwear. Generally speaking, half an hour of sunshine at noon is enough, and more sunshine will not be cleaner, but easy to fall ashes and aging.

Replace hot water with disinfectant

Many people like to disinfect their underwear by ironing, but its effect is far inferior to using clothing disinfectant. Moreover, it is safe to mix underwear, socks and coat with clothing disinfectant.

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