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Women What are the symptoms of female vulvitis? What are the signs? There are,what,signs,what,existing,vulva,symptoms,women October 10, 2019

With the increasing incidence of gynecological diseases, vulvitis has become a common gynecological disease, vulvitis is mainly divided into acute and chronic two kinds. Women suffering from vulvitis will seriously affect women's normal life and work. Serious will also induce more gynecological inflammation. Women must be treated in time. So many women want to know what the symptoms of gynecological inflammation vulvitis are? Following this article to learn more about it.

Clinical manifestations of vulvitis

Experts pointed out that:Vulvitis is mainly divided into acute vulvitis and chronic vulvitis.

Main manifestations of chronic vulvitis

The main manifestations are pruritus of vulva, skin thickening, rough, chapped, and can also be accompanied by pain in urination or sexual intercourse.

1. At first, vulva discomfort may occur. With the development of the disease, vulva itching and pain gradually appear. Some patients may have swelling and congestion of vulva.

2. The position of vulva and urethra is in the adjacent organs. If inflammation may cause urethritis, attention should be paid to it.

3. Pruritus of vulva, skin thickening, rough, chapped, accompanied by pain in urination or sexual intercourse and other symptoms.

Main manifestations of acute vulvitis

1. Patients first feel vulvar discomfort, then itching and pain, or burning sensation.

2. At the same time, the skin and mucosa of vulva (including large and small labia, clitoris) may be swollen and congested to varying degrees.

3. In severe cases, erosion, ulcer, or large eczema may occur, accompanied by urination pain and pain.

4. Herpes virus infection, acute onset, herpes ulcer with fever, inguinal lymph node enlargement and general discomfort. Ulcer basement is gray-yellow, marked congestion and edema, self-healing but often recurrence, is also one of the symptoms of acute vulvitis.

Tips:Because there are many symptoms of vulvitis, so women still have to go to the hospital regularly for examination, so that early detection and early treatment can be achieved.

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