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Women Can women exercise during menstruation? Moderate exercise is good for health Exercise,Health,Benefit,Menstruation,Women,Moderation October 10, 2019

Girls are very inconvenient when they are in their physiological period, because they can't do a lot of things at that time. Some girls are even worse and may have physical pain. At this time, the girl will be uncomfortable all day and have no energy to do other things. But some physical fitness tests are unavoidable, so what should girls do when they run during their physiological period?

Can women run during menstruation?

Generally speaking, when you are in the physiological period, you can exercise properly, and when you are in the physiological period, proper exercise is good for your body. But, some people will compare dysmenorrhea, so the pain can not even stand up, let alone run?

In fact, the exercise method is conducive to improving dysmenorrhea, so that everyone in the physiological period is the same as ordinary people. Running in the physiological period is not a bad thing, as long as the right skills and methods are used, it is also conducive to some physical recovery in the physiological period, so that we can reduce the occurrence of dysmenorrhea. Running during the physiological period can help people in the physiological period activate their blood and energy, and make them healthier.

When running in the physiological period, if we say that the body can bear, then do not go to hide, feel that running in the physiological period will cause dysmenorrhea. In fact, it's not like that. It's not that running during the physiological period can cause dysmenorrhea. Everyone should jog or walk fast during the physiological period, instead of running at the normal time, jogging or fast walking helps to activate blood gas, make blood flow in blood vessels faster and promote blood circulation.

In addition, physiological jogging can also help everyone detoxify, in the physiological period itself in detoxification, in the exercise is detoxification, which is conducive to women's skin white and red, full of luster.

Running should be avoided for those who have dysmenorrhea during their physiological period and who have severe dysmenorrhea. When it's too painful to stand up, let alone exercise, I suggest drinking more hot water with brown sugar and eating some food and beverages that can supplement qi and blood, such as brown sugar, red dates and E-Jiao, which can supplement qi and blood.

Effects of intense menstrual exercise on health

Research shows that women are engaged in sit-ups, dumbbells, swimming, basketball, volleyball and other activities around the physiological period, and the proportion of people with abnormal menstruation is quite large. This is because strenuous exercise can inhibit hypothalamic function, resulting in abnormal endocrine system function, thus interfering with the formation and cycle of normal menstruation. Some people even change the position of the uterus. In addition, intense menstrual exercise may also cause uterine prolapse, especially in negative gravity training.

Moderate exercise during menstruation is beneficial to women's health

Women can take appropriate physical exercise according to their physical condition during the physiological period, because moderate exercise is also helpful to women's health. Moderate exercise can effectively improve and improve the functional state of the human body, promote blood circulation, especially improve the blood circulation of reproductive organs in the pelvic cavity, reduce congestion. At the same time, exercise can also make abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles contraction and relaxation activities, conducive to blood discharge, can alleviate menstrual discomfort.

Five Notices for Menstrual Exercise

1. Reduce the amount of exercise:Try to take part in some regular exercises, such as jogging, gymnastics, boxing, table tennis, shooting and other sports; shorten the exercise time to reduce the amount of exercise, to achieve the role of muscle relaxation.

2. Avoid taking part in violent and shaking exercises:During menstruation, it is not advisable to take part in such sports as high jump, long jump, 100-meter race and football. It is also not advisable to do push-ups, dumbbells and other strength exercises to increase abdominal pressure so as to avoid excessive bleeding during menstruation or changes in uterine position.

3. Avoid participating in all kinds of water sports:Don't take part in diving, swimming and water polo, or take a cold bath or wash your feet with cold water to avoid infection and menstrual disorders.

4. Avoid fierce competition:Participation in these exercises during menstruation can easily lead to endocrine disorders and menstrual disorders due to high mental tension.

5. Pay attention to the intensity of exercise:Some people usually exercise irregularly, we should pay attention not to sudden exercise before the physiological period or suddenly increase the amount of exercise, it is best to maintain the original exercise habits, and on the basis of reducing the intensity of exercise, shorten the exercise time. And just after the physiological period, do not immediately restore the previous amount of exercise, to carry out some buffer restorative exercise, according to the physical fitness of the exercise time can be controlled within 10-30 minutes.

It's good to keep exercising during the physiological period, but we should develop the inertia of exercising. These proper exercises can improve the body's immunity and help prevent diseases.

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