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Women Three major physiological changes grasp the ovulation period so that it can be maintained In this way,we can,maintain,ovulate,physiology,change,grasp. October 10, 2019

The determination of the date of ovulation can greatly improve the fertility rate. Therefore, many pregnant women have done enough homework to learn how to judge their ovulation period. In fact, careful women tend to be able to control their ovulation period easily, such as anal drop, high basic body temperature are symptoms of ovulation period.

Three Physiological Changes to Grasp Ovulation Period

Change 1: Increased vaginal discharge

During ovulation, vaginal secretions increase markedly. They are thin and milky white. Private areas become moist and slippery. When wiped with toilet paper, they also have egg white-like strips of mucus. This increase in vaginal secretions generally lasts for 2 to 3 days, when women are most vulnerable to pregnancy.

Change 2: Ovulation hemorrhage and temperature rise

Some women will have a small amount of bleeding during ovulation, which is caused by the fluctuation of estrogen secretion in the body before and after ovulation, because the ovary is also responsible for the secretion of female endocrine hormones. Because of the secretion of progesterone after ovulation, the body temperature rises slightly after ovulation. If we can insist on measuring the basic body temperature every morning, we can calculate the ovulation date according to the change of body temperature.

Change 3: Anal bulge or lower abdominal pain on one side

Some women are more sensitive and feel a slight drop in the anus and a slight pain in the lower abdomen around 12 days of menstruation. This is because mature eggs discharge from the ovarian surface to break through a thin layer of follicles enclosing the egg surface, and a small amount of fluid in the follicles will flow into the lowest part of the pelvic cavity.

How should women maintain during ovulation?

1. Usually when secretions are many, you can use a hair dryer to warm the wind to dry the pudenda after a bath. After a bath, you should wear underwear after the pudenda is dry. Nowadays, many people only wear skirts and no underwear at home, or they don't wear underwear when sleeping. This is better for the pudenda, which can give it a chance of ventilation and drying. But bedding should be replaced frequently and kept clean.

2. Drink enough water every day to reduce the number of bacteria that grow in the urethra.

3. Underwear should be cleaned separately from other clothes and with a gentle detergent. Some detergents or softeners may cause allergic reactions. If something is wrong, it's better not to use them.

4. Studies have found that drinking a small glass of red wine every day can increase egg activity by 20%. Polyphenols in red wine can make eggs healthier. White wine contains only 10% less polyphenols than red wine, which is also a healthy choice. But yeast in beer can "hypnotize" ovaries and reduce egg activity. It is better to drink less.

5. It's better to wear absorbable and breathable cotton underwear. In hot season, it's better not to wear tight pantyhose, and try not to wear miniskirt when sitting in public places, so as to avoid briefs touching seats.

6. The choice of hygienic articles should be paid attention to, and fewer cushions and toilet paper containing spices, pigments or deodorizing ingredients should be used. In addition, do not use soap solution or bath milk to clean the vagina, because the general bath fluid and soap are mostly alkaline, the pH value is above 7, will easily destroy the weak acid environment, leading to gynecological diseases.

7. Eat less painkillers. Surveys show that, at 25-35 years old, an average of 77 painkillers per person per year will make the egg activity in vivo 7% lower than that in people who do not use painkillers. Experts say that analgesics inhibit the brain nerve, long-term use will "confuse" the nerve center, the speed of instructions issued to ovaries is reduced, and the activity of eggs is weakened.

8. After each excretion, it is best to develop the habit of washing with warm water, so as to avoid intestinal bacteria turning into the vagina and causing inflammation.

9. If you don't want to have a baby, you must use contraception. Medical research shows that the quality of eggs decreases by 6% for every induced abortion. Don't think painless abortion is no big deal, it will make the ovarian inner wall thinner, egg activity decreased.

10. The farther away from computer radiation, the better. Research shows that computer radiation can affect the quality of eggs.

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