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Women How about menstrual pruritus? Women must check themselves for three reasons first. Self-examination,first,three reasons,certain,female,vulva,itching,what happened October 10, 2019

Many women have encountered such a situation, in peacetime, there is no difference in private, but once menstruation, it will feel itchy private, then, menstrual vulva itchy thing? Now let's get to know it together.

Causes of menstrual pruritus of vulva

1. Wrong use of sanitary napkins

In menstrual pruritus, first of all, we should check whether the sanitary napkins used are suitable for us, such as too thick, chemical fiber, unknown manufacturer's sanitary napkins, contaminated tampons used, or not replaced in time, which may cause menstrual pruritus.

2. Mistake Cleaning of Private Sector

Many mm mistakenly think that "sterilization" can ensure the hygiene of private places, and use soap, lotion and so on to wash private places frequently. In fact, menstrual blood is only a mixture of blood, exfoliated endometrium, cervical mucus and vaginal secretions, not bacteria, which are impure. Therefore, it is generally not necessary to clean and disinfect excessively, but it will lead to dysbacteriosis and inflammation. Occurrence, cause or aggravate itching.

3. Poor private environment

During the physiological period, private secretions are very many, especially in the first to second days of menstruation, blood flow is large, private environment is humid, coupled with an airtight environment, the decline of immunity, very easy to breed bacteria, if not timely replacement of sanitary napkins, aggravate the bad environment in private, it will cause infection.

Tips:If women want to prevent and cure vulvar itching during menstruation, they should ensure private hygiene, wash vulva with warm water every day, change sanitary napkins frequently, prohibit sexual life, and always ensure the dry environment in private. If these hidden dangers are eliminated, there are still pruritus, they should have specific gynecological examination and targeted medication under the guidance of doctors.

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