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Gym Night exercise equals the best time for chronic suicide night exercise Evening,exercise,time,best,suicide,equal to,chronic October 10, 2019

Nowadays, people's life rhythm is speeding up. Most young people are busy with their work all day. They basically don't have much exercise time. But some people go to square dancing every night. These two kinds of people have certain health risks. Do you know why night exercise is equal to chronic suicide? Let's take a look at it.

Night exercise equals chronic suicide

Ancient people's words are mostly reasonable, but we must use the spirit of historical materialism to restore to the ancient living conditions and dietary conditions to understand.

Ancient people lived a hard life. They depend entirely on transportation, household chores, farming, raising pigs, chopping firewood and carrying water, which is quite hard physical work. Even if you don't exercise intentionally every day, the amount of physical activity will be very large, so you should have a good rest at night.

Besides, ordinary workers often have no appetite. It's good to have a full meal at night. There are not a few people who go to sleep hungry. Of course, they don't need to spend extra energy.

Modern people are totally different. From morning to afternoon, I sat in the office all day. It's easy to have some free time in the evening, so don't you allow proper activities?

Besides, today's society is rich in food, and evening is the most abundant meal of the day. Would it be more healthy to sit on the sofa and watch TV every evening?

When to exercise, you decide

First of all, in the morning, the body wakes up from the sleep state with the lowest metabolic rate. If we can exercise properly, it will help to improve the metabolic rate and blood circulation. Of course, exercise in the morning means getting up early, and the prerequisite for getting up early is going to bed early. Early to bed and early to rise, the law of life, is inherently conducive to health.

In addition, other studies have shown that subjects who eat more calorie and fat foods have better effects on suppressing the rise of blood lipids during the day than those who exercise at other times in the morning.

However, no matter how good it is to get up early, it can not prove harmful to exercise at other times. Because even if you exercise in the afternoon or at night, it's better to control blood lipids than not to exercise. Increasing physical activity, even at night, is beneficial to reducing obesity and controlling blood sugar and lipid as compared with sitting still all day.

Simply put, it's a choice: if you can do 100% exercise in the morning, but you can't do it, the effect is zero. If you can only do 70% good exercise in the evening, but you can do it, it's really good for you. If you can't exercise in the morning, will you still have the idea of giving up night sports?

If you don't have time during the day and indulge your laziness with the legend that you can't exercise at night, then you should continue to be lazy and fat.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, during the day when one of our bodies is rising, it is just like the spark is growing up. At this time, if we can give some physical exercise, it is helping our body "spark" to grow, so during the day exercise is to warm up our yang.

But at night, it is the time when our body's Yang Qi rests. If we exercise and use our Yang Qi at this time, it is harming our body's Yang Qi.

So it's more appropriate to choose square dancing in the daytime. Of course, it's better not to go out dancing too early. You can get up early and sit quietly at home, and then go dancing after daybreak. It can avoid the cold invasion too early, and it doesn't affect the sleep of those who get up late.

Traditionally, sleeping is the best way to keep fit.

There are many folk sayings: "a good night to sleep, a hundred times the spirit; a sleepless night, tired all over."

"Sleeping well is like eating a hen." Why is sleep so important? That's what Lao Tzu said, "One Yin, One Yang is the way." Sleeping at night is a way of recuperation and energy conservation; working and learning during the day is the release of energy. Both Yin and yang are indispensable.

The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says, "Qi strengthens courage." "Eleventh Tibetan government depends on courage. From 23:00 to 1:00, the gallbladder meridian is the strongest.

People develop courage in sleep. If they do not sleep, they will lose courage. If they do not sleep, they will suffer from "timidity", that is, depression in modern medicine. It is manifested by vigilance, apparently arrest, shortness of breath, suspicion, cleanliness and even worse.

In the evening, we still do some exciting things, such as dancing in the square. If the Yang can't come back, it's hard to fall asleep if the Yin can't dominate. After 21 o'clock, we should be quiet, meditate and sleep comfortably when we fall asleep.

At the same time, I remind my friends that it's better not to go to bed more than eleven o'clock, especially when you're adjusting your body.

Best time to exercise at night

The best time to exercise in the evening is from 2 hours after dinner to bedtime. Relevant experts put forward that dusk: 17:00-19:00, especially when the sun sets westward, the human body's motor ability reaches its peak, the sense of sight and hearing is more sensitive, the heart rate and blood pressure also rise, which is the best time for night exercise.

Notices for Evening Sports

1. Carry a flashlight with you

For example, wear a hat with a headlight and a vest with a light. If you don't have such professional equipment, you can have a flashlight in your hand.

2. Pay attention to traffic safety on the road

It's best to wear colorful clothes or sports coats with reflective stripes similar to traffic policemen. You can also wear a small mirror on your body to ensure that others can see you. When running on the road, we should pay attention to the vehicles, and when running on the mountain road, we should also pay attention to the cyclists who may suddenly appear.

3. It's better to choose familiar road exercise

For example, choose the way you run during the day. If you run in a less familiar environment, remember the main signs along the way.

4. Raise your feet as high as possible while running

Sometimes night lights give people a visual illusion of height and depth, which increases the risk of runners falling. When you start running, raise your feet appropriately and gradually familiarize yourself with the running posture.

5. Better not run with a Walkman

After all, night running is dangerous compared with daytime running. Runners'sight has been affected at night, so it is better to maintain the complete sensitivity of other senses, especially hearing.

If you also choose to run in the evening, then you must remember the above five things, so that you can better protect yourself, let the exercise in a safe premise, not because of sports and damage to health.

The Best Time for Exercise

Morning: Drink water before exercising

As the saying goes: A day's plan lies in the morning, so many people choose to exercise in the morning. In fact, it is not worth advocating. Because between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m., carbon dioxide reflux, air quality is not good.

In addition, in the morning, the blood viscosity of the human body is higher, especially those with hypertension and cardiovascular disease, early exercise is very harmful to the body.

However, if you really only have time to exercise in the morning, you need to pay special attention to it. Before exercising, you'd better drink a glass of water to dilute the blood and reduce the viscosity. To choose a place far away from the trees, try to go to the open area of leeward and sunny, exercise for about 40 minutes.

Afternoon: The Best Time of the Day for Exercise

In our traditional sense, we should take a nap after lunch. In fact, at 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, the human body's athletic ability reached its peak. And at this time, sunshine is sufficient, the temperature is appropriate, the wind is small, is the best time to exercise. It's better to exercise one hour after lunch, otherwise it will affect the digestive function of intestine and stomach.

Evening: Suitable for Weight Loss Exercise

If you want to lose weight, you'd better take exercise at night. Night exercise helps food digest faster and does not cause fat to accumulate in the body. However, no matter the intensity of exercise is large or small, the nervous system will be in an exciting state, so sleep after an hour of exercise.

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