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Gym Neither jogging nor running keeps him healthy, away from low back pain and stomach disease. ... infinite use! Stomach disease,use,infinite,far away,running,no,jogging,health,low back pain October 10, 2019

Most people's favorite posture is sitting and lying. In fact, so the baby in the maternal body to maintain this position, can let our body relax, but also get a sense of security, that is squatting. As long as the way is correct and the range is appropriate, it can play a role in health preservation.

Squatting, Benefiting the whole body

Squatting can reduce fat accumulation, but also exercise other muscle groups, can enhance the flexibility and symmetry of the human body, correct squatting helps to promote health.

1. Reduce the harm of sedentary and lubricate joints

Squatting can activate joints, relax muscles and improve balance ability, thus reducing the harm to the body caused by sitting for a long time. Squatting through regular folding of lower limbs is a good stretching exercise for the surrounding tissues of joints, especially for the knee and hip joints.

2. Treatment of stomach diseases

In the book Nan Huaijin's Last 100 Days, beggar squatting is introduced to help treat stomach diseases. If you eat too much, it's the best way to help you digest quickly.

3. Beneficial Heart

When people squat down, it is conducive to smooth air and blood flow, can alleviate atherosclerosis, reduce blood lipids, but also reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and cerebral apoplexy, improve our cardiopulmonary function.

4. Prevention and improvement of impotence

It is important to prevent male ED and strengthen exercise, especially lower body exercise. Men often squat, can make the waist muscle strength is strengthened, and it is not easy to feel fatigue.

5. Promoting Qi and Blood Movement

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, lower limbs and feet are the root of human essence and the reservoir of Qi and blood. Through exercise, the blood circulation of lower limbs is good, so as to promote the blood flow from the distal limbs to the heart and make the whole body run smoothly.

Different postures have different effects.

Beggars squat to prevent stomach disease

"Beggars squat" is especially effective after meals. Crouch with your hands on your knees. Squat your buttocks as far back as possible but not on the ground. Keep your waist, back and head in a straight line. Shut your mouth when you breathe in and open your mouth slightly when you exhale.

Crouching in a chair to protect the knee joint

Use your back and lumbosacral part to lean on the back of the chair. Don't lower your hips than your knees. Keep still after squatting. Practice time can be gradually extended, 2 to 4 minutes is appropriate, has the effect of knee joint protection.

Tiptoe squatting and kidney protection

The feet touch the ground on the forefeet and lift the heels off the ground. Bend your knees, press your thighs against your calves, and control the time in 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Crouching and detoxification

The practitioner stepped out of his left foot and squatted with his right toe touching the ground. His legs arched. Drop your weight between your feet and change your left and right feet every 30 seconds.

To do any squatting, it is necessary to include chest and abdomen, keep the upper body straight, and the knee should be pointed at the tips of the feet. In addition, keeping any posture for too long is harmful to health, as is squatting posture. Wake up slowly to avoid dizziness and instability. )

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