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Gym The fastest way to lose face! 90 seconds massage speed becomes small face! Quick change,small face,massage,90 seconds,fast,method,thin face October 10, 2019

What's the fastest way to thin your face? Today, the skinny girl teaches you the fast way to thin your face. As long as you spend 90 seconds every morning doing simple skinny massage exercises, you can promote blood and lymphatic circulation, drain excess water and waste from your face, improve facial skin relaxation and sculpt facial lines.

Three methods of eliminating double chin to create V-shaped face

When massaging, using some thin face cream or massage oil can improve the lubrication of fingers and achieve better massage effect. Be careful not to exert too much, easy to cause facial bleeding or bruises, thin face massage is only to achieve the purpose of dredging lymph flow, adhere to every day, so that a little cumulative effect can last.

1. Push and pull the neck and chin with fingers

Bend your elbows, palms together, five fingers together, fingertips against your chin, gently lift your chin with both hands, extend your neck at the end of the year, and rest for 10 seconds, then relax.

2. Stimulating lymphatic flow

Hands clenched gently, thumbs wrapped between four fingers. Rotating the wrist and pushing the knuckles up and down on both sides of the neck can effectively discharge the waste.

3. Whole facial massage

The forefinger of both hands is raised, as shown in the figure. Then, with the thumb as the fixed point, the medial part of the index finger joint slides from the center of the face to both sides for massage. From below the mandible, then up to the top of the parotid bone, then to the sides of the nasal alar, the zygoma and the upper eyebrow.

4. Pull up your cheeks

Using the middle finger and ring finger pulp, pull from the solar line to the hairline, repeat 5 times.

5. Pinch cheek meat

Two hands, four fingers together, two hands form a pyramid to pinch the cheek, then two thumbs push upward, repeat five times on each side.

6. Stimulating zygomatic bone

Hands clenched gently, thumbs wrapped between four fingers. Open your mouth gently, then massage with two finger joints in a circle around the zygoma (as shown). Repeat 20 times.

7. Push the thumb against the parotid bone

Four fingers together, thumb open. The thumb is on the parotid bone and the other four fingers are on the temple. Four fingers are the fulcrum, and the thumb is pushed along the parotid bone from the chin to the ear. Repeat 5 times.

8. fingertip massage on forehead

Five fingers open, fingers slightly bent, two hands on the eyebrow, and then use the fingertips to gently massage the hairline. Repeat 5 times.

9. Circle around throat

Close the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, gently do circular movement with the belly of the finger above the clavicle on the throat side until the chin is just below, 5 times each.

10. Clavicular massage of sternocleidomastoid muscle

Gently massage the sternocleidomastoid muscle below the ear (the tendons and bones around the neck when the head turns to one side) with the abdomen of the index finger, middle finger and ring finger. Repeat five times at each point (as shown) and then repeat the same action on the other side.

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