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Archives What if sinusitis happens again? Wash nose with warm saline and cure easily! Relaxed,healed,washed,committed,how to do,with temperature,sinusitis October 10, 2019

Sinusitis, known as "nasal origin" or "brain leakage" in traditional Chinese medicine, refers to suppurative inflammation caused by pyogenic coccus infection of nasal sinus mucosa. Most of them are caused by cold, low systemic resistance, other nasal diseases often have runny nose, improper swimming and diving methods can lead to the occurrence of this disease. What if sinusitis happens again? Here's a way to effectively alleviate sinusitis.

Common symptoms of sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is characterized by chills, fever, nasal congestion, and pus discharge. In the acute stage, if the treatment is not timely or thorough, it may turn into chronic sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis can cause recurrent nasal obstruction, purulent nasal discharge, and often a loss of sense of smell, accompanied by varying degrees of dizziness, dizziness, memory loss, inattention and other symptoms. The inflamed sinuses, such as frontal headache and supraorbital tenderness, usually begin at 9-10 a.m. and improve after 3-4 p.m., are frontal sinus inflammation; frontal and eyebrow pain, orbital top pain and intraorbital tenderness, and ethmoid sinus inflammation are aggravated in the afternoon.

Why should sinusitis patients wash their noses?

Sinuses are "black holes", which grow under the bones beside the nose. These holes have an opening in the nasal cavity, which is connected with the nasal cavity. Normally, secretions in the sinuses are discharged through the nasal cavity.

Because of sinusitis, there are not only inflammation but also many secretions in these holes, including the sticky runny nose in the nasal cavity, which will make the secretions in the sinuses unable to discharge normally. By rinsing, the secretion in the nasal cavity can be drained away as soon as possible, so that the outlet of the sinus can not be blocked, so that the sinusitis will heal faster.

Method of saline nasal lavage

Practice:With 2 to 3 grams of salt, warm boiling water 100 ml, into saline water, remove the needle syringe, fill it with saline water and quickly inject into the nasal cavity, two noses take turns to wash many times. A week later, it will have a noticeable effect. Long-term persistence will improve the role of cilia in nasal cavity, prevent bacteria from entering, effectively treat sinusitis and prevent its recurrence.

Light saline can eliminate edema and inflammation, and can significantly improve the role of cilia in nasal cavity. In addition, if sinusitis is an acute disease, antibiotics are also needed.

Prevention of sinusitis:Mainly to actively exercise, enhance resistance, avoid colds. For example, regular contact with fresh air and sunlight, participating in sports, insisting on washing face with cold water or rubbing body with cold water are good ways to enhance the body's disease resistance.

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