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Archives Dietary recommendations for patients with nasal polyps Polyps,in this way,should be,prevention,diet,patients,advice October 10, 2019

In our daily life, due to some bad eating habits and some external influences, more and more nasal polyps suffer from diseases. The common symptoms are dry mouth, bad breath, runny nose, loss of sense of smell, dizziness and headache. So how to effectively prevent nasal polyps? Here are the best dietary suggestions.

Dietary recommendations for patients with nasal polyps

In dietary prevention, we should eat more food which can cure nasal polyp disease.Eat less greasy and fat food, avoid eating raw and cold food, fish and shrimp, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy and stimulating food, eat more vegetables, fruits, animal liver and other food.

Eat a diet that treats nasal polyps, such as:

1. Houttuynia cordata cooked pork lungs: fresh Houttuynia cordata, pork lungs about, add water to cook soup, season with salt a little, drink soup to eat pork lungs.

2. Rice vinegar boiled kelp: kelp (dry), and rice vinegar boiled to eat. Note: Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, excessive gastric acid should not be used.

3. Boiled eggs with Flos Magnoliae: Flos Magnoliae, eggs, boiled with water. When the eggs are cooked, they are shelled and then boiled, they are served with soup and eggs.

We should also actively prevent and treat various chronic nasal diseases to prevent polyps from degeneration. Exercise, enhance the body's disease resistance, prevent colds, lest symptoms worsen. Attention should be paid to diet and living in a moderate manner, abstain from smoking and alcohol, avoid spicy and thick taste, and prevent the recurrence of polyps after operation.

Nasal polyps should be prevented in this way

Quit smoking and drinking, prevent poisonous gases and pollution, and stimulate nose and throat by dust for a long time.

Actively prevent and cure colds and colds, timely increase and decrease clothing according to seasonal changes.

Strengthen physical exercise, improve physical resistance, adhere to the use of cold water in summer face scrubbing nose, increase cold resistance. Avoid cold or cold when the climate changes dramatically. Avoid cold and cold. Wear a good mask when you go out.

Timely treatment of nasal, pharyngeal and peripheral organ diseases, in order to avoid infection spread and recurrence.

_Avoid long-term use of vasoconstrictors to avoid drug-induced rhinitis.

When nasal obstruction occurs, it is not necessary to blow the nose forcibly to avoid nasal capillary rupture and epistaxis. It can also prevent bacterial mucus from retrograde entering the nasopharynx and concurrent otitis media.

Therefore, once suffering from nasal polyps, do not panic, not to pay attention to, choose the right treatment, can get rid of nasal polyps.

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