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Archives What are the common symptoms of late epilepsy and the impact of epilepsy on people Epilepsy,human,effects,symptoms,common,late,which,epilepsy October 10, 2019

Epilepsy, also known as "goat horn fever", is a disorder of brain function caused by abnormal discharge of brain neurons, which can result in frequent seizures and cramps. The symptoms of epilepsy are different sooner or later. So, what are the common symptoms of late epilepsy? Let's get to know them together.

Late symptoms of epilepsy

1) The late symptoms of epilepsy are emotional symptoms. Fear is one of the most common early symptoms of epilepsy, such as illusion, hallucination, seeing or feeling things and scenes that do not actually exist.

2) Late symptoms of epilepsy include five senses Visual precursors: seeing moving or stationary points of light, apertures, Mars, black spots, a mass of monochrome or colorful things, etc. Taste precursors: including uncomfortable taste of bitter, acid, salty, sweet, greasy, etc. in the mouth; Olfactory precursors: smelling unpleasant odors, such as smell, burning, etc. and Audiological precursors: two ears buzzing, bells, bells, etc.

3) Symptoms of epilepsy, somatosensory symptoms Such as numbness and tingling of limbs, tremor of muscles or muscle groups, voice or chewing, head and eye turning to one side, etc. Early symptoms of epilepsy such as palpitation, shortness of breath, respiratory distress, sweating, blushing, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc.

How does epilepsy affect people?

Epilepsy has a great impact on people if it is not treated early.Specifically as follows:

1) Brain damage caused by epileptic seizuresIt can cause memory impairment, mental decline, personality change, and increase the number of seizures, resulting in patients with mental retardation than the normal population.

2) Impact on Behavior Some patients with a long history of illness often behave strangely, such as few words, lonely personality, impulsive anger, suspicion and so on.

3) The impact on life Some epilepsy seizures are sometimes very sudden, easy to cause accidental injury, individual epilepsy can occur status epilepticus, life-threatening.

4) Impacts on other aspects Parts of epileptic seizures often affect breathing, blood pressure, pulse and so on, causing damage to other tissues and organs. Therefore, patients with epilepsy should overcome the difficulties, actively treat and treat as soon as possible, so as to minimize the damage to health.

With epilepsy, the earlier the treatment, the better the effect. Experts warn that as far as possible do not rely too much on drug treatment, long-term use of drugs, there will be side effects.

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