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Archives What is hernia? What should the elderly do to prevent hernia Hernia,how,should,the elderly,what,prevention October 10, 2019

What is hernia? How to prevent hernia correctly for the elderly? Experts point out that hernia is harmful and usually affects the digestive system of patients, so it is necessary to understand the prevention methods of hernia. Here, we will give you a detailed introduction of the relevant common sense of lower hernia.

What is hernia?

A hernia, in which a part of a human tissue or organ leaves its original position and enters another part through a gap, defect, or weak part of the body.Commonly known as "small intestine strangulation" Scrotal and abdominal pain and swelling, involving the waist, hypochondria, back, heart socket and umbilical periphery, accompanied by cold limbs, cold air rush, stop doing from time to time as the main manifestation of the disease.

The most common symptom of hernia is in the inguinal region, where lumps can be seen or touched. Hernia can occur in people of all ages, both men and women. Elderly patients with hernia are prone to bladder or prostate diseases such as frequent urination, urgency of urination, increased nocturnal urine and so on; children can be affected by the compression of hernia and normal testicular development.

What should the elderly pay attention to in preventing hernia

I. Dietary aspects

Eat less food that can easily cause constipation and flatulence (especially boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, peanuts, beans, beer, carbonated bubble drinks, etc.) and eat more high-fiber diet, including grains, grains, bran, and unprocessed fruits and vegetables; pay attention to dietary conditioning.

Suitable to eat warm, cooked, soft, avoid raw, cold, hard food. Eat less and eat more to prevent overfullness. Choose nutritious, easy to digest and absorb food to reduce gastrointestinal burden, but also to relieve the pressure of hernia.

II. Behavioral Aspects

To prevent constipation and keep stool unblocked is the key to prevent and protect hernia. The elderly abdominal wall is weak, due to constipation, forced defecation, increased abdominal pressure, promote the descent of the hernia, which is difficult to grasp the normal maintenance of hernia. Adhere to appropriate, appropriate and timely exercise, enhance physical fitness, improve disease resistance, do not jump, jump, pull, weight-bearing and other strenuous activities, which is very harmful to the normal maintenance of hernia.

3. Psychological aspects

Confidence, patience, meticulousness and care should be exercised, and optimism and pleasure should always be maintained, which is of great benefit to the maintenance of hernia.

To ensure that the elderly have a good body, take them to the hospital for regular physical examination, if the disease is found to be timely treatment. Like hernia, early treatment is effective. Elderly people should try to avoid such diseases as hernia and do a good job in life prevention.

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