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Avoid Do you still have taboos when eating eggs? These six taboos must be seen! Taboos,Big Six,Sure,Look,Eggs,Time,and October 10, 2019

There are many benefits of eating eggs, but you must not know that many foods can not be eaten with eggs. Do you know the taboos of eggs? Eggs not only supplement nutrients, but also need to be aware that these foods can not be eaten at the same time.


1. Don't drink tea immediately after eating eggs.

Don't drink tea immediately after eating eggs. Because tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, tannic acid and protein synthesis into a convergent tannic acid protein, will slow down intestinal peristalsis, thus prolonging the retention time of feces in the intestinal tract, easy to cause constipation, but also increase the possibility of toxic substances and carcinogens being absorbed by the human body, endangering human health.

2. Eggs should not be cooked with MSG.

The egg itself contains a lot of glutamic acid and a certain amount of sodium chloride. If MSG is added, the two substances will generate a new substance after heating - sodium glutamate, the main component of MSG. The flavor of the egg itself is covered instead.


3. Don't eat sugar immediately after eating eggs.

Many places have the habit of eating sugar-water-poached eggs, in fact, it will make the amino acids in egg protein form a fructosyl lysine complex. This substance is not easily absorbed by the human body, so it will have adverse effects on health.

Bacteria can grow in the nutrients of eggs that are not completely cooked overnight. If you eat such spoiled eggs, it will be harmful to your health. Because the protein has been destroyed during cooking and overnight, the nutritional value will be greatly reduced. Similarly, we should pay attention to eating less tea eggs after boiling. Because the mixture of substances and proteins in tea can produce harmful substances.

4. Don't eat persimmons immediately after eating eggs

Eating persimmon slightly after eating eggs can lead to food poisoning, which will always lead to acute gastroenteritis and lung stones. Generally speaking, eating both foods at the same time can lead to acute gastrointestinal symptoms, mainly vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. So if you take it within 1 to 2 hours, you can use emetic method. Immediately take 20 g salt and 200 ml boiled water to dissolve. Drink once after cooling. If you don't vomit, you can drink several more times to promote vomiting quickly. Or fresh ginger can be mashed to extract juice and washed with warm water. If taken for a long time, take some laxatives as soon as possible to remove toxic substances from the body.

If you think raw eggs are better nourished, you're wrong! Uncooked eggs contain a lot of E. coli, which can easily cause diarrhea if eaten without cooking. Hence, eggs are cooked at high temperatures to kill bacteria before they are eaten. In addition, raw eggs contain antibiotic proteins, which can affect the absorption of biotin in food, leading to loss of appetite, general weakness, muscle pain and other "biotin deficiency disorders". There is also anti-trypsin, which can destroy the digestive function of the human body. Also note that when beating eggs, beware of bacteria contaminated the eggshell!


5. Don't drink soymilk immediately after eating eggs

Every morning, mothers prepare their children's breakfast carefully. Hope that children can get adequate nutrition in the morning. So a lot of mothers put eggs in soy milk. Or let the child quench his thirst with soybean milk after eating the eggs. In fact, soybean milk, which has strong nourishing effect, contains a special substance called trypsin. When it is combined with egg white, it will cause the loss of nutrient components and reduce the nutritional value of both.

Although the experience of eggs is valuable, the more eggs you eat, the better. Eating more eggs can easily lead to overnutrition and obesity. Increase the burden on the liver and kidneys. Excess protein will make the urea manufacturing system overload, eat too much protein, but also produce a large number of ammonia, hydroxyl, phenol and other chemical substances in the intestinal tract, which is very harmful to the human body. It is likely that abdominal distension, dizziness, limb fatigue, coma and other symptoms will occur, which is often referred to as "protein poisoning syndrome".

6. Don't eat goose or rabbit immediately after eating eggs.

Eggs can't be eaten with rabbit, goose and other meat. Li Shizhen said in Compendium of Materia Medica: "Eggs and rabbit meat become diarrhea. "That's because rabbit meat tastes sweet and cold, while eggs are calm and slightly cold. Both contain some bioactive substances, which can react when they eat together, stimulate the intestines and stomach, and cause diarrhea.

Eggs also have many taboos, because they are seldom matched and seldom known. For example, eating turtle meat after eating eggs can also lead to food poisoning. The soft-shelled turtle itself is sexually satiated, people with cold or body cold and wet generally do not eat. Plus it's sexually salty, pregnant women and people with poor digestive system just after giving birth to BB can't eat it.

Eggs are rich in protein. When inflammation occurs, special attention should be paid to protein intake. So when inflammation breaks out, remember not to take medicine after eating eggs. Especially for digestive tract diseases, those with diarrhea symptoms should not eat eggs. Because eggs contain more protein, it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal tract, which has a relative impact on the efficacy, especially fat diarrhea. If it is other inflammation, such as the respiratory system, urinary system, etc., from the perspective of Western medicine, it does not have much impact.

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