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Avoid It's not a good habit to eat! Harmful to the body Physical,harmful,bad,sometimes,this,habits,eating October 10, 2019

If you have the habit of drinking while eating, you need to change your eating habits. Because such habits are not good inside and outside the body. And it is easy to increase the burden of stomach movement.


Five major hazards of drinking while eating

1. Digestive function affected

The food we eat is mainly digested in the stomach and relies on stomach acid. If a large amount of water is consumed during meals, stomach acid will be diluted and the digestion of food, especially protein and fat, will be hindered.

2. The peristalsis of stomach is affected

The digestion of food by stomach depends not only on gastric acid, but also on gastric peristalsis, so as to grind the food into chyme slowly, so as to accelerate the digestion and absorption of food by intestinal tract. If you drink a lot of water during meals, you will stretch your stomach and weaken its peristalsis.

3. Influenced chewing of teeth

Drinking water during meals will soften the food and make it easier to swallow. But in fact, this will reduce the chewing of food by teeth. On the one hand, saliva in the mouth will reduce the digestion of food; on the other hand, food without chewing into the stomach, will cause the digestive burden of the stomach.


4. The appetite is affected

Drinking plenty of water during meals increases satiety and thus reduces appetite. This is a method used by many people who lose weight. In the long run, it will lead to insufficient absorption of nutrients and energy and affect their health.

5. Harmfulness of Drinking Water at Eating

Drinking water during meals dilutes gastric juice and affects food digestion. In addition, water meals will be easier to swallow, especially those who like boiling water, which will reduce the chewing speed of teeth, large pieces of food without chewing into the intestine and stomach, will increase the digestive burden of the intestine and stomach.

Drink water before meals.

Drinking water half an hour before meals helps to reduce the body's need for thirst and hunger. Not only is it easy to feel full, but it also makes you eat only when you really need food.

In addition, drinking green tea before meals can significantly reduce the amount of food consumed and change the appetite for food, because there is enough water, the body will prefer protein to fattening carbohydrates.

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