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Avoid Winter health needs to remember these points do not do: will cause pain! Cause,sickness,to do,need to be careful,health,remember this,several points,winter October 10, 2019

It's cold in winter, not the thicker you go through. Conversely, it will cause physical discomfort, so how should we wear it? What other misunderstandings should we pay attention to in winter health preservation?


Misconceptions in winter health 1. The more clothes you wear, the warmer you will be.

In cold winter, many people think that the warmer you go through more. In fact, this is a one-sided view. Because the clothes themselves do not produce heat, only play the role of isolation, can buffer the convection between the cold air outside and the hot air on the body surface, so that the heat of the human body can be preserved, thus feeling warm. Of course, the warmth will be strengthened after wearing clothes one by one. However, if the thickness of air layer formed between clothes exceeds 1.5 cm, the convection of air in clothes increases obviously, and the warmth retention decreases.

In addition, white-collar workers in the office should not wear too tight high-collar underwear or sweater, otherwise it is easy to compress the carotid artery and cause insufficient blood supply to brain tissue.


Misconceptions in Winter Health Care 2. Close doors and windows when sleeping

Closing doors and windows to sleep in winter is a favorite thing for many people. In fact, the doors and windows are closed, the air is not circulating, the human body will discharge 149 kinds of chemical substances from the respiratory tract in the process of metabolism, which will make the air contain a large number of bacteria, viruses, carbon dioxide and dust particles, which have an impact on the respiratory tract, so those who sleep with closed windows often suffer from colds, coughs, pharyngitis and so on. Reminder: Don't close doors and windows all day because it's cold outside. Open windows frequently and keep the air circulating.

Misconceptions in Winter Health Care 3. Raise the Air Conditioning Temperature

Some families like to adjust the temperature of air conditioning to 27 C or more for the purpose of keeping warm and cold. However, people in long-term air conditioning environment are prone to air conditioning syndrome, which is manifested by nasal obstruction, dry throat, dry mouth, headache, and decreased immune function. And in winter, if the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is above 25 degrees Celsius, going out is very susceptible to colds.

Reminder: When using air conditioning, humidifiers or a basin of water can be placed indoors to keep the room moderately humid. Indoor temperature regulation should be appropriate, when going out, should gradually adjust the temperature to 15 C is appropriate. Sleep temperature in the evening should be between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius.


Misconception of winter health preservation 4. Frequent eating of cold food such as ice cream

Some people like to eat cold drinks and other foods in winter. However, in winter, Yin and Qi are the most abundant and Yang are the weakest, Yin and Changyang disappear to the top, and cold pathogens are most likely to enter the kidney and cause many diseases. Reminder: try not to eat cold drinks, pay attention to warming the kidney, suppressing Yin and protecting yang, in order to improve the ability to resist wind and cold.

Misunderstanding of Winter Health Fifth, Wearing Point Shoes in Winter

When walking with pointed shoes, the human body's center of gravity will tilt forward, which will make the blood circulation of the feet not smooth. For a long time, the skin of the feet will be damaged or blisters. In cold winter, such feet are most vulnerable to frostbite. When the weather is hot, the frostbitten feet will begin to itch and pain. Reminder: Wearing shoes in winter should be relaxed and warm.


How to keep in good health in winter?

1. Watch out for the cold and don't stay up late. When the weather is cold in winter, we should pay attention to the prevention of cold. At the same time, we should not stay up late. We should go to bed early and get up early in order to keep healthy.

2. Pay attention to opening windows and ventilating. Winter window ventilation, or carbon dioxide is easy to hoard, so when winter is not too cold, open the window, breathe some fresh air.

3. Hot food is the main food in winter. In winter, we should pay attention to hot food, so as to avoid gastrointestinal injury. Female winter diet, mainly "nourishing yin" food, can nourish yin and moisturize the lung, can also increase calories, resistance to cold.

4. Brush your teeth with warm water and soak your feet before going to bed. Warm water is better for brushing teeth in winter, which can keep the mouth comfortable and prevent the occurrence of related dental diseases. In addition, foot soaking before bed helps to activate collaterals, promote blood circulation and improve sleep.

5. Pay attention to psychological adjustment and keep optimistic. Women's emotions tend to be more delicate, and dry winter weather, coupled with negative emotions, often more easily "on fire", so to maintain optimism, maintain an open mind, psychological comfort.

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