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Avoid Winter health should eat less of these: these taboos do not eat! These,to eat,taboos,health,should,eat less,winter October 10, 2019

I have been discussing with you about how to keep fit, but I have never said what to eat in winter is taboo. Xiaobian talked with you today about what is a taboo food and what should be the best food first? What should we pay attention to in our daily diet?


Note 1: Nurturing Kidney First

The kidney should be in the cold. Kidney is the motive force of human life and the "innate foundation" of human body. In winter, the body's Yang Qi is restrained and its physiological activities are also restrained. At this point, the kidney should be prepared to maintain its winter calorie expenditure.

Enough energy, but also for the next year to store a certain amount of energy, so kidney is very important at this time. Diet should always pay attention to kidney regulation, pay attention to the supplement of calories, eat more animal food and beans, supplement vitamins and inorganic salt. Dog, mutton, goose, duck, soybean, walnut, chestnut, agaric, sesame, sweet potato, radish and so on are all suitable food in winter.


Note 2: Warm food should not be hard

The sticky and cold food is mostly Yin. Eating this kind of food in winter is easy to damage the spleen and stomach. And food overheating easily damages the esophagus, enters the intestine and stomach, and easily causes accumulated heat in the body and causes disease; food overcold, easy to stimulate the spleen and stomach blood vessels, so that blood flow is not smooth, and blood volume reduction will seriously affect the blood circulation of other viscera, harmful to human health, therefore, in winter diet should be warm and soft.


Attention 3: Increasing bitterness and reducing saltiness

In winter, the function of kidney is too strong. If we eat more salty food, the kidney will be more vigorous, which will greatly damage the heart, weaken the strength of the heart and affect human health. Therefore, in winter, we should eat less salty food to prevent excessive kidney water; eat more bitter food to tonify the heart and enhance kidney function. Common food such as betel nut, orange, pig liver, sheep liver, head vegetables, lettuce, vinegar, tea, etc.

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