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Men Unexpectedly, men drink brown sugar water to have this effect Brown sugar October 12, 2019

When it comes to brown sugar water, many people will immediately associate it with: that's what women drink when they have dysmenorrhea! In fact, brown sugar is not refined crude sugar, retains more vitamins and minerals, can drive cold and warm the stomach, the focus is not "exclusive for women", oh! Men drink brown sugar water as much as they do. Men with deficient spleen and cold stomach drink appropriate amount of brown sugar water every day, which is very good for their health. ...

1, warm up

It is the common understanding of many people that brown sugar can nourish blood, dispel cold and nourish the body. The advantage of brown sugar is that "warm and tonic, warm and open, warm and scattered", which is commonly known as warm tonic, and suitable for most people to eat.

2. Restoring physical strength and alleviating fatigue

Chinese medicine holds that brown sugar is warm and sweet, can enter the liver, spleen and stomach meridians, has the function of tonifying and warming the liver, and brown sugar contains a large amount of iron, which is the main medium of generating human energy and undertakes the important task of delivering oxygen to human organs and muscles.

Because it's iron-rich, men drink better to restore physical strength.

3. Anti-aging

In addition to iron, the content of selenium in brown sugar is also the highest. Selenium can be regarded as the "platoon leader" of antioxidant, which can well delay aging and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

4. Boosting erection

Sweet and warm brown sugar contains maltose, amino acids, protein, vitamin B, iron and other nutrients, which helps to Nourish Qi and blood. Penile erection mainly relies on blood and gas perfusion in the penile meridians, and sufficient Qi and blood is beneficial to sexual performance.

How do men drink brown sugar water

When a man's physique is deficient in cold, Qi and blood, or tired, he can adjust and cultivate himself by drinking brown sugar water.

Poached eggs boiled with brown sugar and wolfberry can nourish yin and tonify kidney.

Using brown sugar to soak longan can calm the mind, help to improve sleep and restore physical strength.

Red sugar bubble Astragalus, jujube can tonify Qi, spleen and stomach, help to enhance physical fitness.

In the end, although brown sugar water is good, you should never drink more, especially before you go to bed. Otherwise, it can easily lead to excessive sugar storage in your body. It can easily lead to diabetes, obesity and dental caries for a long time.

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