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Men What's wrong with men's backache? Why do men have backache? Lumbago October 12, 2019

First: Lumbar spine lesions

With the increase of age, the pressure around the lumbar nerve is also increasing. These conditions can easily lead to the occurrence of pseudo-vertebral column compression in the body. In addition, there may be lumbar spinal stenosis, nerve root compression and other defects, which can easily lead to weakness of the waist and knee and radiation pain of the lower extremities. These are mainly caused by Fractures caused by osteoporosis.

The incidence of spinal stiffness in the elderly is very high, which also increases the likelihood of persistent low back soreness and low back pain.

Secondly, urinary tract infection

The main symptoms of low back pain in men caused by this reason are chronic nephritis and acute nephritis. The main symptoms are whether there is pain or distension in the body. Some patients with serious problems can expand the pain range along the ureter to the perineum. Besides lumbago and backache caused by urinary infection, urinary calculi, tuberculosis and other diseases can also cause lumbago and backache.

Third: Paraspinal Soft Tissue Diseases

This is also one of the common causes of low back pain in men, mainly due to diseases of the spine, joints and surrounding soft tissues. There are often edema in local tissues caused by lumbar muscle injury, contusion, sprain and other conditions such as initial learning or muscle spasm. Chronic lumbar muscle strain mainly refers to the chronic injury of lumbosacral muscles or loss of ligaments, which results in uncomfortable conditions. Doctors tell us that the main reason for this is also related to our working environment and position.

Fourth, lumbar muscle strain

If you need to stand for a long time in your normal work, you are also prone to low back pain. Commonly, salesmen, hairdressers and textile workers are more prone to this kind of symptoms. This is because this type of people need to stand for a long time, resulting in a weakening of the flexibility of the tendons and ligaments of the waist, which is prone to excessive accumulation of lactic acid locally, which has a very serious impact on the metabolism of the lumbar muscles, which will lead to lumbar soreness or lumbar pain. There's something wrong with it.

Fifth: Kidney Deficiency

If the male has kidney deficiency, then besides the symptoms of lumbar acid, there will also be edema, cold limbs and even fear of cold, which shows that the body has appeared cold, and the function of the human kidney has been affected. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main symptoms of kidney Yin deficiency are fever. The main symptoms are waist acid, night sweat, dizziness and tinnitus.

Sixth: Visceral organ diseases

Experts tell us that if the body has gallstones, cholecystitis, chronic prostatitis and other diseases, then the body may appear lumbar acid symptoms. In addition, lumbar acid can also occur if the body has tumors.

If the body suffers from cholecystitis, the main symptoms are pain in the waist, heartburn in the stomach, and tightness in the upper abdomen. At the same time, the digestive system is also affected, and people do not like greasy food. Most of the symptoms are very similar to those of appendicitis and ulcers.

Seventh: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This disease should not be heard of by many people. It is a common disease in modern society. It not only causes lumbar acid in the body, but also accompanies with poor sleep quality, anxiety, panic, poor reaction ability, poor memory and shortness of chest tightness. To understand what men's lumbar acid is, first of all, it's best to go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination to see if there are any pathological changes in the body's organs. If these symptoms are present, you are more likely to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

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