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Men Sleep is always snoring, four ways to help you alleviate Snore October 12, 2019

It's really not a good thing to talk about snoring. Not only will it disturb people who share the same bed, but it will also affect their health if it is serious. In the long run, it can even significantly increase the risk of heart disease. So why do people often snore? How to prevent it in life?

Why do people snore

When we breathe, airflow can enter the trachea only through the mouth, nasal cavity, pharynx and other parts.

If the pharynx is small, the upper respiratory tract is obstructed, the upper respiratory tract is narrow, or the upper respiratory tract is compressed, the air flow will make a sound when it passes, which is called snoring.

Therefore, snoring is also related to sleeping posture.

When lying down, the space of the pharynx cavity will be smaller than when standing up. If the pharynx has discomfort, or has a cold, sick patients, the sense of oppression and blockage is more obvious, it is easy to feel out of breath, and it is easier to snore.

If this is the case, it is recommended to take the right sleeping position to reduce the pressure on the heart.

A little trick to relieve snoring

1. Sleep in a different position

For ordinary people, lying down is a healthy sleeping position, but for snorers, lying down may be a nightmare for others!

Because lying flat can cause the tongue and soft palate to fall down and obstruct the respiratory tract to cause snoring, while lying on the side can avoid this situation.

How to maintain the position of sleeping sideways? Here are some methods for your reference:

For snorers who are not accustomed to sleeping sideways, buy a sleeping pillow of the same length as the body to help maintain the position of sleeping sideways.

Another popular recipe (though only abroad) is to sew a tennis ball on the back of your pajamas. (See how you lie on your back... )

In addition, snoring can be alleviated by raising the back of the bed, but this will cause neck pain, if uncomfortable, do not use.

2. Weight Loss

A healthy body never welcomes obesity!

Fat people have too much meat on their necks, which may collapse their respiratory tract and lead to snoring. After losing weight, the fat on the neck decreases, and the snoring symptoms will be alleviated.

Weight loss may help alleviate snoring symptoms in people who start snoring only after they gain weight, but it does not help snorers who are well-proportioned or already thin.

3, abstain from drinking

Drinking alcohol and taking sedative drugs can relax the muscles of the larynx and pharynx and lead to snoring more easily.

Especially when alcohol is consumed 4 to 5 hours before bedtime, it greatly increases the chances of snoring. Even people who never snore may have symptoms of snoring after drinking.

4. Keep nasal cavity unobstructed

The nasal cavity is actually like a water pipe. When the water pipe is blocked, the water flow becomes very fast. Similarly, when the nasal cavity is blocked by colds or allergies, the breathing air will become very urgent and people will snore easily.

If snoring is caused by nasal obstruction, making the nasal cavity unobstructed can alleviate snoring symptoms. Taking a hot bath before bed, using a nasal cleaner and ventilating nasal stickers can help alleviate symptoms.

If none of the above-mentioned methods has much effect, it may be that they have sleep apnea syndrome and need to see a doctor as soon as possible. In short, don't snore inappropriately, we have to be alert to this invisible sleep killer oh!

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