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Men How to control acne Master,method,acne,provocative,whelk October 12, 2019

1. stay up late

We have noticed that men who often stay up late and live irregularly are prone to acne. One of the important reasons is that skin metabolism usually takes place from 11 p.m. to 2 p.m., so please try to sleep before 11 p.m. every day, acne will gradually drift away from you.

2. Keep in a good mood

Mental pressure will generally cause men's sebum secretion to be more vigorous, which will lead to the production of acne. Many senior three graduates' acne is generally related to the pressure of college entrance examination, so relax yourself, relax yourself, acne is not easy to find you;

3. Dietary problems

Eating too much sweets, spicy food or fried food is easy to promote the occurrence of acne, and these foods are basically adolescent boys'favorite, so in order to protect their face "handsome", we should eat less of the above foods; at the same time, we should eat more natural foods without artificial additives, vegetable fibers, fruits and yogurt, etc.

4. Touch your face as little as possible.

Some men like to touch their faces when they have something to do, which is a very bad habit, because it can easily cause bacteria to breed on their face and skin, leading to acne, so less touching your face, and not allow others to touch your face, and pay attention to facial hygiene can effectively prevent the occurrence of acne; also note that facial washing should not be excessive, if excessive cleaning, it may be skin protection oil. The grease is completely washed away, causing the skin to be too dry, but may be infected with bacteria;

5. Pay attention to personal hygiene

People who are prone to acne should avoid keeping long hair because it may bring bacteria to their face, so they need to wash their hair regularly. Quilts, sheets, pillows, wash towels and so on should also be kept clean, and proper sunshine exposure may be the best disinfection.

6. Proper exercise

Proper and regular exercise will naturally enhance your body's immunity and greatly contribute to the prevention and treatment of acne.

7. Pay attention to direct radiation away from ultraviolet rays

Men who often receive intense ultraviolet radiation have a higher risk of developing acne. Therefore, men living in the sunshine zone are more likely to develop acne than northerners. Therefore, it is very important to prevent and cure acne effectively and avoid long-term ultraviolet radiation.

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