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Women What can't you eat during pregnancy? It's been a long time. Pregnant October 12, 2019

Every time I hear someone say something to avoid, I don't say it on my lips, but I still feel dizzy in my heart: some of them know it's unreliable, but is it true that some things can't be eaten?

Of course, for example... You can't lose!

Three types of food are indeed limited

1. Try not to eat uncooked food

For example, sushi, sashimi, half-cooked eggs and so on.

Because in the case of not ensuring the safety and hygiene of these foods, eating raw or half-cooked food, the risk of infection of bacteria, viruses or parasites is relatively high, or eat well-cooked.

2. Avoid excessive caffeine intake

Note that what is said here is "excess". Excessive caffeine intake has two possible effects:

Causing nervous excitement of pregnant women and affecting sleep quality, it is important to ensure adequate sleep during pregnancy.

Caffeine can act on the fetus through the placenta, affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

Drinks such as tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks are certainly safe to drink without, but occasionally, don't be nervous, and be careful not to drink too strong.

3. Avoid drinking as much as possible.

Alcohol is not a good thing for pregnant women. Excessive drinking during pregnancy will affect the development of the heart and brain of the fetus, increase the risk of teratogenesis, and increase the probability of abortion and stillbirth.

Speaking of this, can not avoid a widely circulated saying: litchi, crab during pregnancy, easy abortion? Clearly tell you, this is not based on science; but if you eat litchi or crab will be allergic, it is still obedient to avoid mouth.

How to eat more scientifically during pregnancy?

There are many scientific dietary tables on the Internet, which are accurate enough to give you a good calculation of how many calories, how much protein, how many trace elements and so on. It does have authoritative information, but the more stringent the criteria are, the less practical it is: concubines can't do it!

In fact, it would be good to master several general principles.

1. Balanced nutrition, taking into account their own small preferences

Vegetables, fruits, meat, grains and so on are eaten to ensure the balance and diversity of nutrition. Special favorite foods can be eaten a little more, and hateful foods need not be forced, and other alternative foods can be found to supplement the corresponding nutrition.

2. Diet during pregnancy is not equal to eating two portions

Ensuring adequate nutrition balance is good, but it's not necessary to make up for it. Eating two portions a day without proper weight management makes the whole person bulge, making it difficult to have babies and lose weight after delivery.

3. Folic acid should be supplemented in accordance with the doctor's instructions and not overdosed.

Now all advocate folic acid supplement during pregnancy, the importance of folic acid is undeniable, but do not fall into the "folic acid supplement as much as possible" misunderstanding.

Excessive folic acid supplementation can lead to vitamin deficiency in pregnant mothers and increase the risk of mental and motor retardation in babies. So you should consult your doctor in detail and give a safe dose according to your own situation.

PS: Here's the question of medication during pregnancy. If you are ill during pregnancy, or have diabetes, hypertension and other diseases, gynecologists and obstetricians should consult the corresponding department of disease doctors, rather than consult only one of them.

4. Don't wait for thirst to drink.

In the third trimester, some mothers may have physiological edema, which can be avoided or alleviated by drinking less water. In fact, it has nothing to do with the intake of water. The main reason is that uterine compression of veins affects blood reflux.

The reference intake of dietary nutrients for Chinese residents (2013 edition) mentions that pregnant women need 200 mL more water per day than ordinary adults. See here, you should have a drink too.

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