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Women The most popular group of gynecologic diseases is the "four youths". Have you been recruited? Gynecological diseases October 12, 2019

In modern society, although living standards and medical technology are constantly improving, the incidence of gynecological diseases is increasing year by year. What is the cause of frequent gynecological diseases? In fact, it has a great relationship with our working and living habits. The data show that gynecological diseases like to find these four categories of people, quickly see if you have a successful recruit!

1. Less movement

This is an unavoidable problem for modern working women. Most of them spend a day sitting in their jobs. When they get home from work, they either sit or lie down, and their exercise is seriously inadequate. Long-term sedentary, in addition to causing shoulder and neck disease, for women, more importantly, will affect the blood circulation, causing gynecological diseases such as adnexitis, pelvic inflammation.
It is suggested that female friends should ensure at least half an hour of exercise every day. Yoga, jogging, swimming and other aerobic exercises are good choices. Sticking to exercise can also improve physical fitness and reduce the risk of bacterial invasion.

2. Wear less

This year, clothes with bare shoulders and belly buttons are especially popular. It has been reported before that girls who love beauty can't wait to bare their ankles when the spring is cold. In fact, for female friends, shoulder neck, navel, ankle and other positions are relatively vulnerable to cold invasion, whether cold air or air conditioning, in the long run will aggravate women's uterine cold, leading to dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and even amenorrhea.

3. Eat less

In modern society, thin is the beauty. Female friends need to lose weight at all times. The method of choice is diet. But we should know that fat plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining women's menstrual cycle, sexual desire and fertility. Excessive diet or inappropriate diet may lead to endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, and even infertility.

4. Less sleep

Night life is too rich, inadvertently, hey till the morning, or too much work will always work late into the night, in the long run, affecting the normal rest and detoxification of body organs, metabolic and endocrine functions will be disordered, women tend to haggard, menstrual disorders, immune decline, vulnerable to viral infection.

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