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Women These five effects are the easiest to achieve during the "Big Aunt" period! What are you waiting for? Aunt October 12, 2019

Mushroom coolers, have you ever tried that the menstruation of Mingming and her girlfriend won't come at the same time, but suddenly one day, my girlfriend's aunt came to visit, and within a few days, my own unexpected schedule unexpectedly came unasked!

Some of their own aunts came and asked their girlfriends who were sticking together every day. It turned out that their aunts were on the job too! What's more, it's not a once-in-a-thousand-year incident, but a mystery that girls often encounter. This phenomenon is popularly known as "synchronization of menstruation", which means that aunts can be infected.

Why do people come to "aunt"?

Aunt, medical term is called menstruation, it is the exclusive term for women. Many times we are thinking, why do girls come to menstruation, boys do not come?

Menstruation is due to the fact that women's endometrium is increasing under the action of estrogen after they enter sexual maturity. Then, due to the decrease of estrogen secretion, endometrium necrosis, exfoliation and bleeding occur. Blood is expelled from the vagina along with the exfoliated endometrium, a phenomenon known as menstruation.

Why do girls have menstruation, but boys do not, because men and women have different reproductive organs, so naturally a little different.

Is "Aunt" really contagious?

In fact, "aunt" infection is academically called "synchronization of menstruation". Maybe among classmates, colleagues, girlfriends, even between mother and daughter, sisters, there has been a great aunt infection experience. There are different opinions about this phenomenon. Everyone wants to know the mysterious cause of aunt's infection.

According to TCM, the appearance of menstruation is mainly related to the changes of hormone levels in the body. Women's menstruation is related to the movement of the moon and magnetic field, with a period of 28 days. People living together tend to be in the same lunar magnetic field, and over time their hormones are similar, so they form the phenomenon of "synchronization of menstruation".

Western medicine believes that the so-called female menstruation is contagious, because they usually live and work together, may face the same pressure, emotions, and so on, coupled with close contact with each other, will be affected by each other's hormones, a long period of time will tend to the same menstrual period, is a very normal phenomenon.

What is the normal period of "Aunt" for?

Normal menstruation has periodicity. The first day of menstrual bleeding is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. The interval between the first day of two menstruations is called the menstrual cycle. The monthly menstrual cycle is generally 21-35 days, with an average of 28 days.

Women's menstrual cycle length varies from person to person, and occasionally no more than 7 days ahead or delayed can still be regarded as normal, that is, the menstrual cycle should not be less than 21 days, nor more than 35 days, such a menstrual cycle is a normal menstrual cycle.

The Five Easiest Effects to Achieve in the Period of "Big Aunt"

1, breast enhancement

Menstruation is the best time for breast enlargement. The best time for breast enlargement is on the 1st to 3rd day of menstruation, because these three days affect the 24-hour equivalent secretion of ovarian estrogen in breast fullness, which can stimulate the accumulation of breast fat.

If you eat more carrots, potatoes, soybeans and nuts in three days, the breast enlargement effect will be better than usual by more than 30%. Women who love beauty must not miss it!

2, slim down

Hormone fluctuations in the body have a great impact on fat burning. The last two days of menstruation and one week after menstruation are called the "lean welfare period". During this period, the body's ability to break down fat is 20% higher than usual. It is suggested that the body fat, especially the fat accumulated in the abdomen, can be burned through proper exercise during this period to achieve the effect of weight loss.

But it is worth noting that in order to consolidate the effect of weight loss, do not try a variety of weight loss drugs. During menstruation, the body's immunity is poor. Hormone balance is easily disturbed by the chemical composition in weight-loss drugs. On the contrary, it is not conducive to body-building, and even causes menstrual disorders.

3, detoxification

Singaporean medical experts have found that from the first day of menstruation, women secrete a protein, enzymes, smaller than cell units. This enzyme can decompose toxins in the body, change the blood from acidic to weak alkaline, help the body detoxify effectively and protect health.

4. Improving memory

In the process of estrogen synthesis, women need a special aromatase, which stimulates the cortical cells responsible for memory through nerve conduction.

Aromatase secretion peak in the last 1-2 days of the physiological period, if you want to improve memory, may as well at the end of the physiological period, memorize English words or Tang and Song poetry for mental exercise.

5. Discovering minor health problems

Menstruation is also called a physiological mirror. During this period, your immunity is the weakest, and some small health problems lurking in your body are most likely to surface, which can be found and improved as early as possible.

Question 1: Eye bags, dark circles

How can I still hold my bags and black circles when I sleep for 8 hours? Health experts say that this means that your blood circulation is not smooth enough and blood viscosity is high, probably due to excessive meat intake. It is suggested to balance diet, reduce meat intake and increase dairy products and legumes in the dietary structure.

Question 2: Gingival bleeding

Why does gum bleed easily in physiological period? This is related to poor gingival health and is a precursor of gingival inflammation. It is suggested that after menstruation, go to the clinic to wash teeth, thoroughly remove the inflammatory calculi, avoid further spread of inflammatory symptoms, carefully brush teeth, and gargle with dilute salt water.

In addition, a large amount of calcium and iron ions will be lost along with the menstrual blood flow, which is also the cause of gingival bleeding in physiological period. It is recommended to supplement calcium daily and take adequate vitamin D.

Question 3: Hair breaks easily

If your hair becomes particularly fragile and fragile during the physiological period, chances are you are on the verge of anemia!

During the physiological period, the hair lacks amino acid supply and the content of keratin decreases, leading to "temporary anaemia" in the physiological period, which causes hair breakage. Should eat more mineral iron-rich food, such as spinach, in order to improve the body's potential anemia.

My aunt abused me thousands of times. I stayed with my aunt for the first time in love. Sisters, although people's mood will become fidgety and their body immunity will be reduced during the period of aunt, this is also our female nature. As long as we pay attention to keeping warm and drink more water, keep a cheerful mood, we can also have a good time through the menstrual period!

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