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Gym Don't deify aerobics. Be careful that it doesn't pay off! Aerobic exercise October 12, 2019

Many fitness enthusiasts like aerobic exercise very much, especially when losing weight, the vast majority of people will adopt the aerobic way.

Aerobic exercise does have many benefits, such as improving our cardiopulmonary function, balancing blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, promoting the secretion of aminopolyphenols, reducing stress and improving mood, including weight loss.

However, excessive aerobic can also lead to muscle dissolution and so on, so in order to go on the path of reducing fat more smoothly, we need to really understand aerobic, avoid misconceptions.

Misconception: Aerobic must be done first

Because aerobic exercise usually takes a long time, many novices think that aerobic exercise is the most tired. They should do aerobic exercise first and then strength training, otherwise they will not be finished.

However, the scientific training sequence should be strength before aerobic, so the effect of reducing fat is the best, because strength training is very energy-consuming, only to ensure energy, can carry out high-intensity training.

If we do aerobics first, especially after a long period of aerobics, and then do strength training, we can not effectively complete the movement, because this is no good physical strength to move.

But first strength training, even if the intensity is very high, does not have a great impact on aerobics. As long as the cardiopulmonary capacity and endurance are good enough, aerobic training can be completed.

Myth 2: The more aerobic, the faster fat loss.

There are not a few people who regard aerobics as the best way to lose weight, so in order to lose weight, many people will do aerobics crazily.

Practice three points and eat seven points. Without diet control, it's impossible to offset calories by aerobics, because a large portion of French fries Requires 40 minutes of running to consume. Who can stick to running for a long time after eating and drinking?

Moreover, too much aerobic training can easily lead to muscle loss, so it is better to control diet than regret after eating. In addition, although aerobic energy can reduce fat, but a single aerobic training is not the most efficient. Aerobic plus strength can burn fat efficiently and keep the muscles from losing. As you lose weight, your body becomes more beautiful.

Misconception that the strength of triaerobic is not important

Aerobic training also requires intensity. The intensity of aerobic is too low, not only can not consume calories, but also can not improve the level of heart and lung.

This is not to say that aerobic must be high-intensity. If you want high intensity aerobic training, HIIT is a good choice, for example, after a sprint period, jog or rest for 30 minutes, sprint again, so repeated several times can achieve good fat-burning effect.

Myth: Aerobic is the King's Way

The effects of fasting aerobic vary from person to person. Many people choose to get up in the morning and get aerobic on an empty stomach. In fact, not everyone is doing very well.

Because aerobic training requires energy, the body spends less energy overnight in the morning, when fat and muscle will be consumed, although weight loss, but muscle loss.

Therefore, after eating and aerobic exercise, as long as the calorie deficit is guaranteed, we can achieve the goal of reducing fat, without the need for fasting aerobic exercise. And proper intake of carbohydrates before exercise can effectively avoid unwell reactions.

Myth Five Aerobics Is Running

Although running is aerobic, it is not the only aerobic exercise. For example, HIIT, dynamic bicycle, swimming and so on are aerobic.

In daily training, even the choice of aerobic should be diversified. A single aerobic training will make the body adapt, so that the effect of reducing fat is getting worse and worse, leading to bottleneck.

Myth Six Aerobics Can Lose Weight

It is impossible to lose weight by aerobic training alone. Long-term absence of aerobic training will result in muscle loss and physical weakness. Without the protection of muscles, the joints are vulnerable to wear and tear.

Therefore, if you want to lose fat healthily and effectively, you should stretch before and after exercise, combine Aerobics with strength, and supplement with a balanced diet.

Fitness and fat loss, say difficult, say simple and simple, according to scientific methods, standardized training, diet plan can be successful!

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