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Archives "Three points" should be done for health preservation in dog days, and what you don't know must be understood. Rheumatoid arthritis,buckwheat,health preservation,Zusanli acupoint,dog days October 12, 2019

As the hottest and humid season of the year, the dog days appear between the small and the big heat, which is the hottest, humid and muggy day of the year. From July 12 to July 21, the period of "volt" can be interpreted as too hot. This period is the hottest thirty or forty days in a year. It is inappropriate to move. As the hottest time, this period is suitable for cardiopulmonary conditioning.

With the hot weather, the body will feel very uncomfortable, as the hottest period, the body is prone to a variety of problems, such as: shortness of breath, palpitation, skin itching, constipation, fecal candy, eczema, cold and other symptoms. However, "hot in three volts, health is also suitable for three volts", three volt days is the best time to regulate the body, if seize this golden period, sometimes the body will have good results. In the dog days, it is the high incidence of many diseases, so the key to health is.

Do the following four things well:

1. don't be greedy.

During the hottest days of the dog days, many people will stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, and their ability to adjust their bodies will be significantly reduced, thus causing various discomforts. Blowing air conditioning for a long time will also make the cold into the body, aggravating physical discomfort, so it is better to turn on air conditioning less. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with rheumatoid arthritis should pay special attention to it. When blowing air conditioning, it is not appropriate to blow directly on neck, back, abdomen, waist, leg and other parts.

2. more sports

For detoxification methods, sweating in summer is one of the most important detoxification methods, especially in the dog days. It is suitable for those who have obvious damp-heat symptoms. Besides regular exercise sweating, cupping, scraping and acupuncture can also be used. Through these methods, the evil of heat and dampness can be effectively removed. Sweating can accelerate metabolism and promote detoxification. When waste is discharged from the body, blood circulation will be more smooth. In summer, although we should exercise more, we should also pay attention to intensity, and not too intense, such as: running should not be too long, easy to cause palpitations, perspiration.

3. Eat more food to relieve heat and expel fire

Summer summer wet, many people are troubled by three-day, easy to taste boring, loss of appetite, so the most appropriate tonic, "fire" is the focus of summer health, so three-day can eat some bitter food, such as bitter gourd, bitter vegetable, bitter buckwheat. In addition, you can also eat more sweet, cool and cold things, such as sour plum soup, which helps to digest, nourish body fluid, quench thirst, and eliminate distress.

Heart-nourishing tips:

In hot and humid days, you can often press Zusanli acupoint, which can help transport water and humidity. You can often soak your feet before going to bed. It can effectively improve the quality of sleep, improve energy and spirit. After exercise, you should replenish water in time. You'd better drink fresh boiled water. In addition, you can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, especially watermelon and winter melon.

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