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Archives It's a pity to throw the fruit skin for you! People who are good at health care all like to eat these 6 kinds of fruit skins Pomegranate peel,banana peel,watermelon peel,apple peel,grape peel October 12, 2019

When we eat fruit, we tend to eat fruit flesh, and will throw away the peel, after all, the taste of the peel is not as good as the flesh, and some people feel that the peel is not nutritious, the taste is not good, it is better to throw it away. However, the peel of some fruits has a great effect.


Watermelon rind

Watermelon skin can be used to treat children's prickles, for example, because watermelon skin has the function of clearing heat; if it is sunburnt, it can be applied to the face for repair after sunshine; watermelon skin can also cure oral ulcers, after all, we often eat watermelon frost buccal tablets.

Apple skin

There are abundant vitamin C in apple peel, which has strong antioxidant activity. An apple of ordinary size has antioxidant activity equivalent to 800 mg of vitamin C. In addition, the apple skin can be dried in the sun and washed after grinding, which can treat chronic diarrhea. Fresh apple peel can relieve stomach acid.


Grape skin

It is true that too many people will spit out the grape skin when they eat grapes because they think the grape skin is thick and astringent and the taste is quite bad. However, the resveratrol content in grape skin is more than that in grape meat and grape seeds. It can reduce blood lipids, prevent thrombosis, prevent arteriosclerosis and so on. Besides, cellulose, pectin and iron in grape skin are also abundant.

Banana peel

Many people may wonder why banana peel can also be eaten here. Yes, banana peel can also be eaten. It contains banana peel, which can relieve skin itching; if banana peel is mashed and ginger juice is added, it can relieve inflammation and pain; hand and foot chaps, chilblain, can also be rubbed with banana peel.


Orange peel

The orange peel we see is actually a traditional Chinese medicine made of orange peel. It has the functions of regulating qi and detumescence, clearing lung and removing dampness, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. Ordinarily peeled orange peel, can be cut into silk and dried, brewed with water to drink, can be stomach, refreshing, very suitable for tea after cooking.

Pomegranate peel

Many people like to eat pomegranate seeds, but pomegranate peel is often thrown away at random, but it is still a treasure that is thrown away. Pomegranate peel has a certain astringent effect, and has a therapeutic effect on diarrhea, dysentery, anal prolapse, etc. If you soak your feet in water with pomegranate peel, you can also remove the beriberi.

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