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Archives Men and women are different in health preservation! ____________ Often do these little things, the liver and kidney will be better. Female,Liver and Kidney,Taichong Point,Kidney-nourishing,Health-preserving October 12, 2019

We all say that "men and women are different", which is reflected in all aspects. In fact, men and women are different in terms of health care, and can not use the same way. For example, women should nourish the liver, if the liver is not good, it is easy to appear irregular menstruation, waxy yellow face and so on; men should nourish the kidney, if the kidney is not good, there will be kidney deficiency and sperm loss phenomenon.

How do women keep their liver well

Liver is very important for both men and women, but it is especially important for women, because women take blood as the basis and use Qi as their function. Normal liver function can smooth the whole body's Qi mechanism, make Qi run more smoothly, and make Qi and blood more harmonious. If a woman's liver is good, it is good for menstruation, childbirth, breast-feeding and so on.

When women nourish their liver, they can carry out the following measures:

(1) Eating more vegetables, especially green vegetables, is good for the liver, such as spinach, lettuce, celery and so on, which can soothe the liver and reduce the fire;

(2) Keep exercising, it is better to go outdoors for aerobic exercise, to promote blood gas flow smoothly;

(3) Don't be angry, as the saying goes, "Qi hurts the liver greatly", so women must be happy and calm every day;

(4) Press the acupoint, like Taichong acupoint, which is located on the dorsal side of the foot, in the depression before the first and second metatarsal joints. Press the acupoint regularly can regulate the body, which is good for the recovery of liver vitality.

How do men keep their kidneys healthy

Men need to shoulder many responsibilities in life and career, and face great pressure. They are prone to loss of kidney essence, dizziness, backache, physical fatigue and other phenomena. Moreover, men take kidney as their root and essence as their basis. If they want to be healthy, they must first nourish their kidneys.

When men nourish their kidneys, they can carry out the following measures:

(1) Eat more black food, such as black sesame, black agaric, black rice, black beans, etc.

(2) Avoid fatigue, physical and mental work should not be too much, and housing should also be controlled;

(3) Massage the waist regularly, so that family members can help massage the waist, waist fever can be felt, play the role of dredging channels and collaterals, promoting qi and blood circulation;

(4) Press on acupoints, like Yongquan acupoint, which is located on the sole of the foot and can be pressed regularly to nourish the kidney and strengthen the essence.

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