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Archives Longevity is the most "understand" health care for the elderly, these habits are often used for reference, longevity will also be close to us. Old to thin,Sun Simiao,long life old,old people's diet,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases October 12, 2019

Longevity is the most "understand" health care for the elderly, these habits are often used for reference, longevity will also be close to us.

In the age of material shortage, there are still long-lived elderly people. According to records, Confucius lived 73 years, Mencius lived 84 years, Taoist Laozi lived 101 years, and Tang Dynasty great medical scientist Sun Simiao lived 101 years. There are numerous modern long-lived elderly people. Maybe there are many examples around you. There are also many longevity areas and villages in the world. In order to reveal the secret of human longevity, many investigations have been carried out on longevity elderly people, and many common life characteristics have been found.

Longevity is the most

First,Less sorrow, more joy

These old people are open-minded optimists. And most of them are very good at communicating, and they can express themselves, that is, we often say that the mind can not hide things. I like to share my life with others. The chat object is not limited to age, and can talk to anyone when the opportunity arises. The content is unlimited, including trifles of life, gossip news, and factual politics. It doesn't matter what happened. It's important to be able to enjoy life.

2. Love Labor

Nowadays, most of the longevity old people are born in cold and bitter conditions, and their most prominent feature is their love of work. Nowadays, many old people in their 80s in the countryside still insist on doing farm work, and they can't stay idle at home at all. Even if some old people follow their children to live in the city, they always want to find some work. They really have nothing to do and go to the park, play chess, climb mountains and so on. Cars are seldom used as a substitute for walking, and they are usually used to walking.

3. Eat less and chew more

Most of the longevity old people nowadays have bad teeth and poor chewing ability, but they do not swallow in Hulun. They chew every mouthful carefully. It's very sticky before it's swallowed.

We know that we usually eat staple foods such as rice, noodles and so on, which contain more starch. It belongs to digestible polysaccharides. It usually needs to be decomposed into monosaccharides several times before it can be absorbed into human blood. And then provide energy for the human body. If you eat slowly, it is not only good for digestion, but also for food decomposition, conducive to absorption, but also reduce the burden of the stomach and intestine.

Four.Less fat and more vegetables

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as hypertension, which afflict the elderly, are closely related to obesity, so the elderly mostly eat light, fruits and vegetables. These longevity old people refuse to eat fat food, eat more vegetables, eat big fish and little meat, so they are mostly "old and thin" body.

Five.Less salt and more vinegar

Longevity elderly people eat light food, do not like salty, but most like jealousy. First, vinegar is more appetizing, so most cooking is the habit of using vinegar seasoning. Especially coleslaw is indispensable. Low salt food is also very healthy.

Now life is superior, more and more people desire longevity, in fact, we only need to pay attention to health, longevity is only a result, we pay attention to the process, the result is naturally in the process, but persistent pursuit is the opposite. To develop good habits is to keep fit naturally.

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