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Avoid Foot soaking is also a learning! These four methods are more effective in maintaining health. Method: Ginger,foot soaking,contraindication,Chinese herbal medicine October 12, 2019

When it comes to the lowest temperature in winter, it's like soaking your feet!

What organs on the body need to bear the weight of the human body and can "bear hardships"? There is no doubt that foot, so in order to "reward" the foot, we will take the method of foot soaking, which is really a good way, but you know, if you do not master the taboo, foot soaking will even damage the body. I'll talk about it in detail today.


Taboo 1. Avoid prolonged foot soaking

The best time to soak your feet is at15-minute actionDon't soak your feet for long.Because water can make the skin more fragile and even crack, and pathogens in the water will take this opportunity to desperately infect your feet.

No. 2. Don't soak your feet after meals

Just after eating, the body's first job is to digest food, timely emptying of the stomach is the correct way, but at this time if foot soaking will open the blood vessels of the foot, blood is easy to accumulate here, affecting the blood supply of the stomach, thereby affecting digestive capacity.

Taboo 3. Choose wooden basin when there is Chinese medicine in foot soaking water

In order to ensure the curative effect of Chinese herbal medicine, it is better to use wooden basin to soak feet, because metal and material basin are easy to react with the components of Chinese herbal medicine, which results in the loss of the original effect of Chinese herbal medicine.


Taboo 4: Too High Temperature of Foot Washing Water

If the temperature of foot soaking water is too high, it will not pay off, especially for diabetic patients. Once the temperature of foot washing water is too high, it is not only easy to burn the skin, but also can cause leg infection for people with foot diseases and diabetes mellitus. Serious people may even face amputation.

How to soak your feet and be right?

In order to be healthy, in addition to avoiding the above taboos, you also need to master certain skills, the following will introduce you some methods of foot soaking.

Method 1: Put proper amount of ginger

Ginger has the function of repelling cold and preventing wind, and there are many acupoints on the sole of the foot, which is beneficial to the effect of ginger on the human body. For people with cold hands and feet, soaking feet with appropriate ginger can also prevent cold while removing their feet.

Method 2: Adding appropriate white vinegar

Adding appropriate amount of white vinegar to warm water of more than 30 degrees Celsius and soaking your feet can eliminate fatigue for a day, and also help you sleep, so that you can get into sleep quickly at night and have a good sleep.


Method 3: Massage the feet correctly

After soaking your feet, you can massage your feet appropriately, especially with the addition of medicinal materials to soak your feet. This can help ease the body's fatigue feeling and increase drug absorption. However, we should pay attention to the massage must find professional personnel to carry out, so as not to injure the body by mistake.

Method 4: Add Chinese herbal medicine

Adding Chinese herbal medicine to foot soaking water can effectively improve some diseases, such as adding safflower is beneficial to varicose veins and improve blood circulation. Mugwort and pepper can be used for people with sweaty feet and eczema. Although Chinese medicine has certain auxiliary effect, it should not be excessive.

Generally speaking, after soaking our feet, we need to dry the skin in time, keep the skin knots on our feet, cut toenails correctly, and avoid damaging the skin on our feet. If we can't soak our feet, we can't soak them in any case, or we should consult a doctor before doing so.

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