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Avoid Do you want to "nourish the kidney" first? Kidney-nourishing violates these six taboos, which are ineffective and harmful. Kidney-tonifying Yin,Kidney Deficiency,Kidney-tonifying,Health Products,Kidney-nourishing October 12, 2019

I believe everyone knows how important kidney is to our health. If we want to be healthy, we should nourish kidney. Many people in life also pay more attention to the maintenance of kidneys, but kidney maintenance also needs some skills. If we go into the misunderstanding of kidney maintenance, not only can we not achieve the purpose of kidney maintenance, but also can bring harm to the body.


So what's wrong with nourishing the kidney?

1. To strengthen Yang is to nourish the kidney.

Many male friends think that if you want to nourish the kidney, you should have strong yang. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Because kidney deficiency can be divided into kidney-yin deficiency and kidney-yang deficiency, that is to say, tonifying kidney refers to tonifying kidney-yang or tonifying kidney-yin, but what we call strengthening yang is only tonifying yang, that is to say, tonifying kidney-yang, if it needs tonifying kidney-yin, but using tonifying yang drugs, not only can not play the effect of tonifying kidney-yin, but also can bring harm to the body.

2. Physical discomfort is kidney deficiency

Nowadays people's life rhythm is getting faster and faster. Many people have sub-health problems. Over time, they will cause large and small health problems. But many people think that these problems are caused by kidney deficiency. So once the body problems occur, they will take the way of Tonifying the kidney to deal with them. In fact, this is also a serious misunderstanding. For example, many people believe that tinnitus is caused by kidney deficiency, but weak spleen and stomach can also lead to tinnitus, so blind tonifying the kidney will aggravate the condition, more unfavorable to treatment.


3. Kidney tonifying is just a man's business

Most people will think that tonifying kidney is only what men need to do, in fact, women also need tonifying kidney, women in the case of kidney deficiency will have weakness and amenorrhea, back pain and other problems, if not timely tonifying kidney, will cause a series of health problems, so men and women should do a good job in the usual kidney tonifying measures.

4. Kidney tonifying needs quick effect

Many people will emphasize the quick effect when tonifying kidney. In fact, tonifying kidney needs a process. It is often too quick to achieve, and may even hurt the kidney. If only blindly seek for quick tonifying kidney, then it can not achieve the effect of tonifying kidney very well. In general, tonifying kidney requires a long time of slow conditioning to achieve good results.


5. Young people do not need kidney nourishment

Many young people think that their health is not defective, so they do not need to tonify the kidney and nourish the kidney. They think that nourishing the kidney is what the elderly should do. In fact, this is also a wrong idea. Because now many young people have a very rich night life. They often stay up late to work overtime at ordinary times. In addition, they are under too much pressure at ordinary times. They often suffer from insomnia, dreaminess and physical fatigue. In fact, they are all symptoms of kidney deficiency. Therefore, they should pay more attention to nourishing the kidney and tonifying the kidney at ordinary times. Only in this way can they stay away from diseases such as kidney deficiency.

6. Kidney nourishing must take medicine

When many people mention tonifying the kidney and nourishing health, they will think of taking tonics or health products to tonify the kidney at the first time. In fact, no matter what drugs have certain side effects, especially many tonifying drugs on the market contain more hormones, so blindly taking drugs is likely to increase the burden of the kidney, but will cause irreversible damage to the kidney.


In order to nourish the kidney and keep in good health, we should start from the small details of life, develop good habits, and start from diet therapy to nourish the kidney, which is the most healthy way to nourish the kidney. We must avoid the six misunderstandings mentioned above and master the correct methods to nourish the kidney in order to make ourselves healthier.

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