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Avoid What are the main taboos of Fengshui for health preservation? Feng Shui taboo October 12, 2019

1. No block ahead

There is a long way to go. If the front is blocked, it is easy to absorb frustration. Although there are occasional exceptions, when the return air is taken, the air turns vigorous, but because of the great side effects, if it lasts for a long time, it is still not good.

2. Sunshine

If the light in the house is abundant, then the owner's vigor will be abundant. On the contrary, if the Yin-qi in the house is too heavy, then the house will have a recession and decline, and things will not go well.

3. Mingtang is beautiful and vast

The size of Mingtang has a serious impact on the size of the gas bureau. If Mingtang is too shallow or close, it will show eagerness for quick success and instant benefit, lack of foresight, and easy to succeed or fail quickly.

4. Suitable pattern and moving line

Indoor pattern and moving line should conform to the principle of geomantic layout, such as the general house, the first thing you see when you enter is the living room, not the toilet, kitchen, or the master bedroom, otherwise it is not money, or the couple's feelings are not good.

5. Avoiding evil spirits

Living rooms and doors try to avoid the chopping, road rush, sharp corners, poles, altars, churches and other impulses, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the house and avoid accidents.

6. Differences between yin and Yang

The so-called "light room darkroom" means that the living room should be large and spacious, and sunshine will come in, so that the host can be open-minded and have a bright future. On the contrary, the master bedroom should not be too bright, too much exposure, so as to avoid undermining the privacy of serving Yin and private.

7. Square pattern

Choose the most basic housing, is to rectify the housing pattern, so before you buy a house, you need to see if the Huxing map is rectified, remember not to buy that irregular, with Lingjiao Huxing.

What are the house geomancy taboos?

1. No door-to-door

Door-to-door is not good in the geomancy of a house. Representatives will argue. So try not to buy such a house, if you have already bought, then the solution is to add curtains or screens between the door and the door.

2. Don't cut corners

It is a pattern in Fengshui. Consciousness is the sharp angle between the interior and the surface. These angles will produce evil spirit, which is harmful to people's fortune and health.

3. Astronomical location of houses

The astronomical address of the house can not be near hospitals, cemeteries, crematoriums, government agencies, etc. The former three are more cloudy, the latter are royal, and will be affected by the imperial atmosphere geomancy.

4. Don't wear a heart-piercing pattern.

The so-called piercing pattern is that the toilet, kitchen and balcony are arbitrarily opposite. This pattern will make couples feel at odds in geomantic waters, and the solution is to add curtains or screens.

5. Transverse beams to be handled

The crossbeam is the center of the house, so there should be no sofa or bed under the crossbeam.

6. The decoration color is exquisite

Decoration color is best with the family's five elements of color, stop the cross. Otherwise, it will do some harm to the body and the body.

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