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Avoid Mutton nourishing Daquan! How to eat healthy mutton, what are the taboos and who are not suitable for eating Mutton hotpot,mutton soup,roasted mutton,tonic,mutton October 12, 2019

Mutton has the function of warming and tonifying, and is most suitable for consumption in winter.

But mutton is warm and easy to catch fire. Therefore, mutton should be eaten with cool and calm vegetables, which can play the role of cooling, detoxification and fire removal.

Cold vegetables generally include winter melon, towel gourd, rape, spinach, cabbage, Flammulina velutipes, mushrooms, lotus root, bamboo shoots, cabbage, etc., while sweet potatoes, potatoes, mushrooms and other vegetables are flat.

When mutton and radish are made into a dish, they can give full play to the cool nature of radish, eliminate accumulation stagnation and dissipate phlegm and heat.

When making mutton, the matching effect of seasoning should not be neglected. It's better to put some ginger without peeling, because ginger peel is bitter and cool. It has the function of dispelling fire and heat, relieving pain and dispelling rheumatism. It can also remove masculine flavor when it is eaten with mutton. When cooking mutton, we should use less hot and hot condiments such as pepper, pepper, ginger, clove, fennel and so on; we can put some lotus seed, which has the function of clearing heart and purging fire.

Pumpkin should not be eaten at the same time. To prevent jaundice and beriberi.

Tea should not be served immediately. Because mutton is rich in protein, and tea contains more tannic acid, drinking tea immediately after eating mutton, will produce a substance called tannic acid protein, easy to cause constipation.

Patients with hepatitis should not eat mutton. Mutton is warm and hot, and excessive consumption will promote the development of some lesions and aggravate the disease. In addition, after a large amount of protein and fat intake, liver diseases can not effectively complete oxidation, decomposition, absorption and other metabolic functions, and increase the burden of the liver, can lead to disease.

Mutton has a high nutritional value. There is a habit of eating mutton to warm up in Sichuan. Every year in Chengdu, there will be a boom of eating sheep in the city. Mutton soup, roast mutton, mutton hotpot and other foods related to mutton can not only keep fit, but also satisfy one's appetite. Why not?

Mutton Supplementary Guidelines

Sheep heart can relieve depression, treat palpitation, insomnia, amnesia, and regulate autonomic nervous function.

Sheep liver can nourish blood, liver and eye, treat liver deficiency, night blindness and glaucoma.

Sheep gallbladder clear fire, clear eyes, detoxification, treatment of wind, heat, red eyes, swelling throat, jaundice, constipation, etc.

Sheep kidney invigorates kidney qi, enriches essence, treats kidney deficiency and strain, lumbar spine pain, deafness, premature ejaculation and impotence.

Sheep Lung Bufei Qi, water diversion, treatment of chronic cough, lung dryness, urination is not conducive.

Stomach (stomach) tonifying deficiency, invigorating spleen and stomach, treatment of thirst, night sweat, frequency of urination, muscle weakness.

It can stop bleeding and remove blood stasis. Drinking one or two small cups of hot amniotic blood can cure vomiting. Cooked amniotic blood mixed with vinegar can cure stool bleeding.

It can nourish deficiency, moisten dryness, remove wind and poison, treat skin dryness, chronic dysentery, erysipelas and ringworm.

Sheep bone, sheep marrow Yin tonifying marrow, lung moistening muscle, strong muscles and bones.

Sheep's skins can make up for deficiency and fatigue, and the pulmonary asthenia can be cured by removing wool and boiling soup.

Sheep brain moisturizes skin, and has certain effect on external application of injury, sarcoma and sarcoma.

Sheep yellow, horn diarrhea fever, phlegm-eliminating, orifice-opening, asthma-relieving, wind-phlegm-closing, phlegm-fire coma, fever delirium, child convulsion.

How do you eat?

1 mutton soup

Mutton soup is one of the delicious winter tonics. It is not only rich in nutrition, but also has high medicinal value. It is often eaten to warm, Nourish Qi and blood, and strengthen the body. As the saying goes, "medicine is not as good as food, and food is not as good as soup." Then mutton soup is not only delicious, but also a good medicine, both food tonic, medicine tonic effect.

Mutton soup is bright in color and milky white; the soup is graceful and nutritious; it is not polluted and tastes delicious. The preparation method is: first, clean mutton is cooked, meat and soup are distributed. When eating, slice mutton into pieces, fry it lightly with oil, scallions, garlic moss (or wax gourd slices) in the pot, then add some mutton fragments, and boil it.

2 roast mutton

Mutton is tender and easy to digest, with high protein, low fat and high phospholipid content, less fat content than pork and beef, and less cholesterol content, which is one of the delicacies of winter cold-proof and warm-tonifying. Mutton is warm and sweet, which can be eaten as a tonic and therapeutic food. It is a good strong and disease-eliminating food, which is good for tonifying deficiency of qi, invigorating kidney and yang, invigorating muscles and resisting wind and cold.

The representative dishes of fried mutton include pork, roasted mutton and so on. Pine meat is fried in strips with minced meat wrapped in oil skin. It has golden color, soft texture and salty, fresh and dry fragrance. The roast mutton comes from the palace dish "braised mutton in a stewed pot". Fresh sheep's waist nest or fore-eye meat can be selected. The ingredients are cooked in small heat until rotten, then fried in oil pan. It belongs to the form of first boiling and then frying. The taste is crisp and tender, salty and dry, crisp and fragrant. It has the function of benefiting the kidney and strengthening the yang. But after all, the oil content is too high, because the temperature is too high in the cooking process, it will also lose a lot of nutrition.

3 instant boiled mutton

Shabu mutton can better preserve the active nutrients in mutton, but it should be noted that the fresher the meat slices, the better, sliced thinner, scalded in a boiling pot for about 1 minute, the color of the meat can be eaten from bright red to gray-white, the time should not be too short, otherwise the bacteria and parasite eggs in the meat slices can not be completely killed. The temperature of the pot soup should be high, and it is better to keep it boiling all the time. Warm and invigorate qi, invigorate the spleen and warm the stomach. It is suitable for those with poor stomach cold, cold stomach and cold limbs.

Mutton should not be eaten at will. Health is the most important thing. In some cases, mutton should not be eaten.

1. Some diseases should not eat mutton.

Frequent erosion of the mouth and tongue, red eyes, bitter mouth, irritability, sore throat, swollen gums, or diarrhea, or taking traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions in Pinellia ternata, Acorus tatarinowii are not allowed to eat mutton.

2. Avoid eating with watermelon

Eating mutton after eating watermelon is easy to "hurt vitality". This is because mutton is sweet and hot, while watermelon is cold, which belongs to raw and cold products. After eating, it not only greatly reduces the warm tonic effect of mutton, but also hinders the spleen and stomach.

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