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Women The female sleep posture is not right also can cause the sterility, do you believe? Infertility October 12, 2019

Many people know that incorrect sitting posture can cause cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases, but do you know that incorrect sleeping posture can also lead to disease? Especially for women, incorrect sleeping posture may also lead to infertility.

Generally speaking, sleep usually has three postures: supine, lateral and prone. For women, the best sleeping position is to lie on the right side.

At present, there are not many women in prone position, because this posture easily makes the chest pressure, affecting breathing, so few people sleep like this. For developing adolescent women, this posture can also affect breast and chest development, so try to avoid it.

Posterior uterus is related to supine position

Supine does not seem to affect all organs of the body. In fact, in the normal anatomy of the female reproductive system, the position of the uterus should be forward-leaning and forward-bending, but some studies have found that most of the posterior uterus is related to supine sleeping posture.

The uterus can be in the forward bending position, depending on the uterine ligament, while the posterior uterus is inverted to the sacral fovea, especially the posterior bending uterus, so that the whole uterus body lies in the sacral fovea, the sacral fovea is blocked tightly, and the presacral nerve tissue is oppressed, which is prone to discomfort such as lumbar acid and lower abdominal distention. Before menstruation, congestion and edema of soft tissue in uterus and sacrum are more likely to increase the compression of nerve tissue by posterior uterus and aggravate symptoms.

Supine is not conducive to female reproductive health

Supine position leads to posterior uterus. There are also the following potential problems:

A kind of Excessive menstruation.Supine tilt the uterus backward, often can cause ovarian fallopian tube to drop backward and downward, make ovarian fallopian tube position variation, cause pelvic vein distortion, blood flow is not smooth, resulting in pelvic venous congestion, leading to menorrhea. This can also easily lead to sexual pain, so that women are full of fear of sexual life.

A kind of Dysmenorrhea.The posterior uterus is like a teapot, the cervical canal is like a teapot mouth, and the uterus is like a teapot body. The cervix of the teapot mouth is higher than the uterine cavity of the teapot body. It is difficult to discharge menstrual blood from the bottom of the teapot and cause dysmenorrhea.

A kind ofInfertility.Posterior uterus can pull the cervix upward and point to the anterior wall of vagina, which makes the outer mouth of the cervix significantly higher than the semen pool. Sperm can not enter the cervical canal smoothly, and pregnancy is of course difficult to achieve.

Women are better off lying on the left side

Excluding supine and prone, women's sleeping position is left to lie on the side. Relatively speaking, it is not ideal to lie on the left side because it will oppress the heart and may cause discomfort. While the right side sleeping position is not the problem that may be caused by the above sleeping position, naturally it becomes the most recommended sleeping position for women.

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