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Women This is the right position to wash your ass! Wash your butt October 12, 2019

Every girl has been educated in hemp since childhood. Girls should be hygienic and wash PP every day. Otherwise, they will easily get sick. But what about flushing water everyday?

Pot wash VS shower

Shower is more hygienic!

Conditions are best to use a shower shower, because the running water is more sanitary and convenient; when washing, pay attention to the use of warm water about 38 - 42 C, too hot hot hot water will stimulate and damage the vulva. In order to prevent overheating of the shower water, you can also wash by hand instead of directly using the shower head.

Wash PP in basin, need to pay attention to these four points!

1. Remember to change basins every six months to one year.

2. When effectively airing without basin, put it in the sunshine to dry.

3. During menstruation, the cervix mouth will open during PP menstruation. Sitting bath has the risk of infection.

4. Wash after going

Remember to wash your hands before you wash your ass to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina. In addition, whether it is water or hands, you should wash them from the front to the back so as to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina from the anus. (Usually when you wipe your ass, you have to go back!)

Wash with lotion and soap?


Vagina is like a city, where there are many indigenous bacteria. If they want to coexist peacefully, they have to be in an acidic environment (pH 3.8-4.5).

Lotion, soap with a certain acidity and alkalinity, long-term use may change the environment of the vaginal city, so that indigenous bacteria can not coexist peacefully, fighting for each other's territory, but also give foreign pathogens the opportunity to invade the vaginal city. So usually just rinse with warm water.

How often do you wash it?

It's enough to wash once a day!

There may be urine residues in the vulva. Wash it once a day. Over-cleaning the vulva can damage the protective film of the skin and make you feel dry and itchy.

Don't wash too deeply

When washing farts, you don't need to wash the vagina by the way. The vagina has the function of self-cleaning. When cleaning the vulva, remember to wash from outside to inside, first from the inside of the thigh root, the pubic caruncle, then clean the labia majoris, labia minor, and finally around the clitoris and the vaginal vestibule.

Wash with towel

Change towels regularly!

People who are used to washing their farts with towels should specially make a "fart-washing" towel. When using towels, do not exert too much force to prevent severe friction on delicate skin. The towel should be replaced every 3 months. Before each use, we must see if it is clean and if there is any mildew on it. When you use it, remember to dry it. Don't let it mildew in the damp bathroom.

The towels are so clean!

Boiling method: The towel is boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes, then cleaned with detergent, and then dried in the ventilation area after washing.

Microwave method: I think it's too troublesome to boil the towel. I can also wash the towel and get it heated in the microwave oven for 5 minutes, which can also achieve the effect of high temperature disinfection.

Exposure method: Exposure to sunlight for more than 4 hours can also sterilize it.

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