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Women Eight ways to regulate endocrine, so that women live more tender! Regulation of endocrine October 12, 2019

Endocrine is the regulator of human physiological function, which plays a role in the human body through the secretion of hormones. Endocrinology is very important for women. Endocrinal disorders can cause various discomforts in the body and many diseases. How do women regulate endocrine?

1. Soybean is a woman's good friend by nature.

Soybean and soybean products contain a large number of phytoestrogens, which play an important role in the prevention of breast cancer, especially soybean, which can change hormone secretion in the body. Clinical medical research shows that soybean and soybean products have the effect of balancing estrogen in vivo. When estrogen is too low in vivo, soybean or soybean products will increase it, but when estrogen is too high, soybean or soybean products will also reduce it.

2. You can stay up without staying up late.

Insufficient sleep can lead to metabolic disorders. People who often stay up late or have abnormal work and rest not only grow old very fast, but also suffer serious health damage. So try not to stay up late without staying up late. People who sleep for four hours or less a night have problems with carbohydrate processing.

To improve the quality of sleep, you can exercise within 2 to 3 hours before going to bed, which can keep sleep stable. At the same time, it's also good to take a hot bath or drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed.

3. Women can't leave jujube for life

For men, unless there is a large amount of blood loss, the Blood-Replenishing system in their body is in a slightly closed state under normal conditions, and no deliberate Blood-Replenishing is necessary unless anemia occurs; but for women, because their constitution is yin, plus blood loss per menstruation, a woman with deficiency of Qi and blood will have cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea, and it is impossible to have normal endocrine. So almost 80% of female diseases are caused by deficiency of Qi and blood.

And red jujube is the "king of hundred fruits", is a natural blood tonic artifact, folk has "three jujubes a day, the beauty is not old" saying. Women and jujubes should be born as girlfriends, and they should not be separated from each other all their lives.

4. I love bathing

Bath is one of the easiest ways to maintain balance of body and mind. It can promote vasoconstriction and expansion by repeated bathing at high temperature. Take a bath for 3 minutes, rest for 5 minutes, and then take a bath. Repeat three times, you can unconsciously consume a lot of energy, the effect is equivalent to jogging a kilometer. At the same time, bathing can also promote the renewal of old cutin and keep skin smooth and delicate.

However, people with bad heart are not suitable for hot baths. We might as well try the traditional health care prescription - hot water soaking feet, which can dilate the foot capillaries, promote the whole body blood circulation, and achieve the goal of fitness.

5. Massage anytime, anywhere

Whether the circulation of lymph and blood in the body is smooth or not will affect the body's speed of discharging waste, toxins and other substances. Correct massage techniques can maintain smooth blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and smoothly dispose of waste in the body. Massage from the extremities toward the heart can promote the flow of lymph and blood, make muscle metabolism more vigorous, provide more nutrients to promote metabolism and help fat burn oxygen, while accelerating the discharge of waste. By the way, massage while watching TV every day can make you healthier if you relax.

6. Donate blood when you are in good health

Blood donation is not only a good social morality, but also can greatly promote their ability to metabolize, not only will not damage health, regular blood donation is one of the ways to maintain health.

7. Eat less fast food and stay away from toxins

Fast food for women is the high incidence of cardiovascular diseases and reproductive system tumors. Excessive intake of saturated fat can stimulate excessive estrogen secretion, and steroids in fat can be converted into estrogen in vivo. Excessive intake of artificial hormones and excessive toxins in the body can also cause endocrine disorders. Use less plastic products (including fresh-keeping bags) to hold microwave food, because it is easy to spill toxic substances.

8. Rule 333

Aerobic exercise improves body energy at least three times a week, 30 minutes each time, and 130 beats per minute after exercise. Don't underestimate the short 30 minutes of exercise. It can not only help to consume calories and lose weight, but also bring oxygen to all parts of the body, improve metabolic rate and burn fat effectively. The effect will last for hours.

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