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Women The most anaemic woman, these six kinds of food had better not eat! Female anemia October 12, 2019

Dark complexion, dark circles of eyes, and acne all over the face, often make us distressed. What is the reason for this?

This may be a symptom of anemia. As women, we regularly lose blood every month during the physiological period, plus the bleeding caused by fertility and abortion. Therefore, women are more likely to suffer from anemia.

What should anemic women pay attention to? What are the taboos on diet?

1. No coffee

Because polyphenols in coffee can form hard-to-decompose salts with iron, inhibiting iron absorption. For anemia patients, it is very inappropriate. If you want a drink, you'd better change coffee to orange juice.
Indeed, coffee is not a long-term drink. The most important thing is not excessive, excessive is not anemia will also have problems, the key is the problem of quantity.

2. Try not to drink tea

The inhibiting effect of tea on iron absorption is due to the formation of insoluble iron tannate in the digestive tract by tannic acid and iron in tea. This substance can not be absorbed by intestinal mucosal epithelial cells, hindering the absorption of iron, and iron deficiency in the body will reduce the synthesis of hemoglobin, aggravating the symptoms of anemia.

Some friends have to drink tea if they don't like it. Then, we must control the amount of tea we drink as appropriate.

3. Limiting Fat

Eating too much fat can inhibit the hematopoietic function of the human body. At the same time, too much fat also affects the digestion and absorption of anemia patients. Therefore, the daily intake of fat should not exceed 70 grams. Generally, about 50 grams is appropriate. It is better to eat vegetable oils.

4. Eat less garlic

Garlic contains more volatile substances, too much food will inhibit gastric juice secretion, reduce hemoglobin, red blood cells, aggravate anemia.

5. Drink less milk

Milk iron content is very low, while calcium and phosphorus content is high. Iron in the body easily combines with calcium and phosphorus in milk to form insoluble iron compounds, which makes the iron content in the body more insufficient.

6. Eat less alkaline food

Alkaline environment is not conducive to iron absorption, gastric acid deficiency will also affect the free and transformation of iron in food, so patients with anemia eat as little alkaline food as possible, such as steamed bread, buckwheat noodles, etc.

In addition, anemia patients often have digestive disorders, and eat as little food as possible, such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, leeks, garlic seedlings, onions, and all kinds of meat that have not been boiled.

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