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Women What about aunt's low back pain? Good way to get rid of menstrual low back pain! Aunt's low back pain October 12, 2019

What is menstrual low back pain?

Generally menstrual low back pain is due to abnormal uterine position, pelvic inflammation, pelvic tumors, pelvic hemorrhage, ring release and other stimulations, compression of nerves also causes low back pain; sacrospinal ligament relaxation, lumbar muscle strain can increase the lumbar support force and cause low back pain; in addition, excessive fertility, frequent human flow, excessive sexual life or exogenous dampness evil can also produce low back pain.

What about menstrual low back pain?

1. Rub your waist gently with your hands

Never beat with your hand, put your hand on your waist and knead from top to bottom. Never use too much force, gently knead on OK. In this special period, girls are already weak. Throwing hard can easily lead to girls'intolerance, more easily lead to menstrual disorders, be careful of inflammation, oh! Therefore, we must gently rub the waist.

2. Hot compress on Guanyuan acupoint

Put the other four fingers of the right hand together except the thumb, and then take the middle joint of the middle finger as the standard. The transverse width is 3 inches. Take it as the criterion, find Guanyuan Point under the navel at the four fingers. Drop a few drops of lavender essential oil in hot water, then wet the towel. After a little twist drying, apply hot towel to Guanyuan acupoint. After the towel temperature decreases, wet, twist drying and hot compress again and again, so hot compress for 10 minutes repeatedly.

3. Keep warm

In winter and spring, it is necessary to keep the waist warm. Avoid rain, cold, sleeping in the wind at night, etc. Avoid lying in wet place for a long time. In cold and wet season, electric heating mattress can be used to remove cold and keep warm.

4. Should not eat raw and cold, hot and sour, alcohol and other irritating food

Menstruation is the most delicate period of the body, should drink more boiled water, keep stool unobstructed, reduce pelvic congestion, pay attention to appropriate rest and maintain adequate sleep. Should not eat raw and cold, hot and sour, alcohol and other stimulating food.

5. Applying hot water bag to lower abdomen

Really uncomfortable sister paper, take a hot water bag, girls back pain, blood drainage is not smooth necessary relationship, for this reason, hot compress with hot water bag of the lower abdomen, to a certain extent, to prevent the lower abdomen cold, promote blood circulation, reduce the probability of low back pain.

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