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Women 8 kinds of hints about women's unhealthy health, regret for missing them! Female,unhealthy October 12, 2019

You may have had some of these minor problems, but they didn't matter. If there are eight suggestions below, it means that you are not healthy, you should pay attention to them.

Suborbital swelling and dark circles after waking up

This may be the result of prolonged fatigue. If edema often occurs, check the kidney. According to statistics, women are 1.5 times more likely to have kidney stones than men. To eliminate fatigue, besides working and sleeping rules, you can also drink lotus leaf tea at ordinary times, which helps drainage, diuresis, edema, and weight loss.


Because a little thing makes you cry, maybe it doesn't match your temperament. This requires examining the thyroid gland, the central nervous system most sensitive to thyroid hormone disorders.


This may imply cystitis, should go to the hospital blood test, urine test. If you can, you might as well do cystoscopy to check out the disease. In addition, we should drink more water everyday and avoid spicy and spicy food.

Often dizzy

Blood pressure should be checked. Anyone of any age may suffer from hypotension. Women usually appear between the ages of 35 and 40. We should adjust our diet and do some exercise, such as swimming and jogging.

Hair loss

Decentralized hair loss (hair falling from all over the head) is more common in women than in men. A large part of hair loss is related to psychological stress, incorrect diet or excessive secretion of sebaceous glands. It may also be caused by some diseases or congenital diseases.

Legs swell and become unconscious at night

This is a sign of slow venous failure. Vegetables need to be eaten more. They contain fibers that reinforce the walls of veins. You can also do leg exercises several times a day.

Weight change, frequent thirst and want to go to the toilet

These manifestations are a bit like diabetes, so it is necessary to have a blood sugar check. If the results are normal, we should control, eat less sweets and greasy food.

Limbs often cramp

This may be due to calcium deficiency and vitamin D deficiency. Eat more dairy products, liver and seafood.

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