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Gym Back pain after exercise because you didn't do these things well Do well,these,for you,backache,exercise October 12, 2019

Make adequate preparations before exercise

It's necessary to make full preparations before exercise. Many people suffer from muscle strain without preheating before exercise. Especially for strenuous exercise, if the preparation exercise is not enough, the muscle injury will be more serious, and the pain will be less serious after the exercise. Therefore, the necessary preparatory exercise should not be lazy. Among them, preparatory exercises can include jogging, ligament pulling and so on.

Before and after exercise, you can apply some active collateral oil.

At first, Huaer did not know the effect of applying Huoluo oil. Later, it was found that applying Huoluo oil before exercise was very helpful to prevent muscle soreness. Smearing after exercise is a good way to relieve muscle soreness. Flowers woke up in the evening after a sport, which saved me. Lion oil is also available.

Do a good job of relaxation after exercise

Actually, don't stay put after exercise. Still need to do a good relaxation exercise, pull the tense muscles apart, so that the pain is not so serious. If you don't move at once and your muscles are tense, it will hurt a lot at night.

Warm feet before bed

Warm foot blisters can relieve leg pain. Because warm water is good for promoting blood circulation. At the same time, it will also promote the decomposition of lactic acid, which will play a role in alleviating leg pain.

Regular exercise

People who exercise regularly, because their ligaments have been pulled apart, do not suffer from excessive lactic acid production after strenuous exercise. To be healthy, we should exercise regularly.

You can tap the muscles when you feel sore.

Sometimes it's painful, especially in the calves. At this time, you can tap lightly, although the effect can not be immediate, but it can be mitigated. At the same time, the effect of medicinal oil will be much better.

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