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Gym How to prevent injuries in sports and play basketball with sprained knees Knee,what to do,sprain,basketball,guard,injury,Sports October 12, 2019

The first step of knee sprain is to let your classmates or friends take you to the nearest hospital to do a knee MR, that is, MR, to determine whether the ligament or meniscus is damaged, the injured leg is fixed well in the transportation process, do not force. The next step can be taken only after the condition is confirmed.

If a simple sprain or soft tissue contusion, no ligament rupture or meniscus injury, then you can have a simple convalescence, just like ankle sprain, ice compress within 24 hours, hot compress after a day or two, physiotherapy. This is emergency treatment after sprain.

If the ligament contusion is confirmed, it can be temporarily conservative treatment, physical therapy massage for a period of time, wait until the situation is better before surgery treatment, but certainly not too long, if not treated for a long time, the body will heal itself will cause knee joint soft tissue adhesion, and so on, now feel nothing, and so on old will suffer.

Introduce a small prescription for sprain. Now we often spray Yunnan Baiyao, or safflower oil, the effect is also good. But for this kind of hard-to-cure fall and sprain, the effect of external application of Chinese medicine is outstanding. We used pepper branches to boil water in our hometown, and then sprained joints, the effect is good. But be careful not to burn.

Knee injuries are difficult to treat. It is particularly important to prevent knee injuries. When exercising, we must pay attention to the preparatory activities, which open the bones and muscles in the exercise. If you feel uncomfortable or hurt your knee before, don't do strenuous exercise. After exercising, apply ice properly. At least 3 months after knee injury.

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