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Archives When it's time to keep fit in July, don't miss these skills. Green tea,salt water,health,ice cream,pumpkin porridge October 12, 2019

It's July now. In this hot season, we need to keep in good health. Do you know how to keep in good health in July?

It's July, and many people feel that the weather is getting hotter. Because July is the midsummer season, it's naturally much hotter than before. Note that the hotter the weather, the healthier the body needs, otherwise it will be knocked down by the heat and get sick. Therefore, all men and women need to be ready for July health care in time.

01.Chinese medicine reminds us to make more water for health preservation in July

After July, the temperature can reach more than 30 degrees without moving. In some hot places, even outdoor temperatures can reach close to or reach 40 degrees. At this temperature, the body is more likely to sweat, so the body consumes more water.

Especially those who need to work outdoors, working in the hot sun, sweating more, must timely replenish water, otherwise it is easy to lack water, and then cause heatstroke or serious dehydration problems. In addition to drinking boiled water or mineral water directly, you can often drink these two kinds of water to supplement water.

1, brine

In July, when the weather is very hot, the amount of sweat increases dramatically, and the trace elements of the body will be discharged with sweat, which will be evaporated away. If the trace elements in the body decrease too much, the whole person will be weak easily. Therefore, people who sweat too much should remember to drink some salt water appropriately to help replenish their physical strength.

Among them, we must pay attention to, that is, patients with hypertension, when getting up in the morning, prohibit drinking saline, otherwise unhealthy.

2, green tea

Drinking green tea is also a water supplement. Drinking some during the day can not only quench thirst, but also make people feel cool. And green tea helps fight aging, which is a good thing for people who want to delay aging.

Therefore, it is advisable to boil water every day, take a proper amount of green tea in the cup, and then brew it directly into tea water for drinking.

02.What should we pay attention to in diet and health preservation in July

1. Eat less greasy meat dishes

Fatty shepherd's purse belongs to the negative food. It is hot in July, and the human body consumes a lot. It needs to nourish Yang Qi. Eating more oily shepherd's purse, on the contrary, can not play a nourishing role, will only reduce people's appetite, which is not conducive to health.

2. Be careful not to skip eating

July 1 to the weather is much hotter, many people's appetite drops, and some people who need to lose weight, take this opportunity not to eat staple food, daily use cold drinks or fruit instead of staple food. If it goes on like this for a long time, it will lead to inadequate nutrition intake, which is particularly easy to damage health.

So, at this time, we should eat some easily digestible, appetizing mung bean porridge, pumpkin porridge and so on. Or you can eat less when you eat the main food every time, but eat more meals every day, so it's easier to eat.

3. Don't eat a lot of cold food.

When it's hot, many people like to eat cold food. For example, they have to wait for it to get cold before eating. For example, fruit should be frozen first, such as ice cream, ice sticks and other frozen food.

Although it feels good to eat these things, it is not good for health to pay attention to eating more cold food. Because eating too much cold in the body will accumulate a lot, easy to stimulate the intestines and stomach, affecting the movement of Qi and blood.

03.Health Taboos in July

1. Avoid exposure to the sun

After July, the hot weather will last for a long time. In such a sunny day, many people like to go to the seaside to play with water and see the scenery. Attention, when you go out, be sure to remember sunscreen. Keep in mind that you shouldn't do nothing about sunscreen, just bask in the sun. Otherwise, the skin will be tanned or even sunburned.

2. Avoid irritability

Hot weather can easily make people irritable, you know, July is the midsummer, the human body is already more fiery, if the mood is too irritable, and then angry, it will cause the body more fiery, but not good for health.

Therefore, in this easily irritable weather, we should learn to stabilize the mood, such as more open, such as laughing and laughing, to alleviate irritability.

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